“Bri”, is a Campbell River, BC, Canada native, currently residing in the beautiful paradise of Troncones, Mexico. The seed syllable Bri in Sanskit, meaning Brahman (the transcendent and immanent ultimate reality or Supreme Cosmic Spirit).

Bri has been a Buddhist-inspired yogic practitioner of 12 years and a teacher for five. Her classes are alignment-based with a heavy emphasis on sound biomechanics and therapeutic practice, albeit rooted in ancient spiritual teachings and wisdom. Her classes are also inspired from her Kinstretch/FRC training with some of the best movement specialists in the world. She loves to play the harmonium and incorporate mantra in her classes and uses an eclectic array of uplifting music. Bri guides her students with a lighthearted attitude and her own unique humor, with encouragement to maintain a disciplined and dedicated practice where self-perceived limitations can be explored and Yoga can be cultivated and taken off the mat.

Bri believes the greatest fruit of her practice has been the realization that practicing all aspects of Yoga has the ability to demonstrate where we as human beings are resisting our natural state of interconnectedness and thus, Joy. It is her greatest passion to guide her students to unravel this powerful understanding, transforming and enhancing their own unique quality of Being. Working with plant medicine and a Near-Death Experience in the Amazon in April 2015 has also deeply supported her purpose in her work.

She began to sincerely dedicate her life to self-healing and the healing journey of others during her eight years spent in academia, some of which she spent playing varsity women’s soccer at Vancouver Island University. She went on to obtain a Doctorate of Chiropractic from The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto as well as a Biomedical Neurofunctional Electroacupuncture certification from McMaster University in Hamilton in 2014. Her focus during her two internships consisted of working with athletes and the general multi-cultural population of Toronto. She also worked with the First Nations population in a multidisciplinary clinic in an extremely rundown community in downtown Toronto, working with individuals with chronic pain and a myriad of psychosocial issues complicated by intergeneration harms. In addition, she had the opportunity to provide care in a clinic with adults and children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities.

Upon graduation from her doctorate program and yoga teacher training, she taught yoga at two studios (Flow Yoga Studio and Ocean Mountain Yoga) and simultaneously began her own Chiropractic Practice on Vancouver Island, Canada. She also created a Concussion Management Company where she educated youth and adult athletes within the community about mild traumatic brain injuries and return-to-play, while implementing baseline concussion testing in several sports associations.

In January 2016, she felt called to return to Troncones to join the Present Moment Wellness Team as a yoga teacher, retreat facilitator and healer, inspired by the freedom to create a multi-modality healing practice that was profoundly heart-centered and rooted in science. Bri believes in the importance of educating those she works with. She offers Reiki and provides wellness consulting/cleanses for the guests at Present Moment. She also works as a consultant for the Medical-Legal Company NYRC in Vancouver, BC.

Dr. McKenzie is an animal-lover who enjoys dedicating time to Sadhana and Svādhyāya. She has traveled all over the world, soul-o journeying and studying with an array of healers. She is currently in the process of building the Mountain Medicine Retreat Center in the majestic Zirahuen, Mexico with her husband Taylor, to provide healing and yoga offerings. She plans to further her Ashtanga practice in Mysore, India and study with Mark Robberds in Nepal in 2019.

Services provided by Brianne:
Rehabilitation sessions 60min, Private classes/Yoga therapy for injuries: 90min, Chiro Assessments/Treatments 60min, Neuromuscular Integration 120min, Massage Therapy 60/90/120min, Coaching and Counselling 60/90/120min, Reiki Session 60min, Vinyasa Flow Yoga 90min, Gentle Yoga 90min

Group Retreat Co-Lead by Brianne:
• Flow with the Present Moment, January 26- February 2, 2019 – information here
• Mountain Medicine Retreat, April 17-26 – information here

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