Our Mission Statement

On this page you will find information about what Present Moment Retreat is and what we believe.  Simply put, we are a Boutique Hotel and Retreat Center on the beach in Mexico… but it goes far beyond that. Below is a list of guiding principles and beliefs that help guide our decisions and growth, including our mission, philosophies, and environmental practices.


Present Moment strives to awaken the power of the human spirit. We support individuals on their path to living a personally meaningful and balanced life. Through education, movement, contemplation and loving kindness, we encourage holistic values that become a catalyst for social change. Present Moment is a sacred place of spiritual practice designed to enliven the body, stimulate the mind, express emotion, and renew the spirit.

Present Moment Retreat is a powerfully transformative environment providing experiential training in the cultural arts. Surrounded by the magnificence of earth’s natural beauty, people from around the world come here to grow towards wholeness in their lives. We are dedicated to fostering deep awareness and appreciation of life through the compassionate treatment of all beings, and promoting wisdom and peace in celebration of the human spirit.


In addition to being a place for vacation and adventure, Present Moment is a retreat for the cultivation of human consciousness and well-being. Our aim is to provide paths to enhance, deepen and inspire the present experience.

Present Moment is about being human; it’s about the human heart, the human experience, and the pure potentiality inherent in each of us. It is a place of spiritual practice designed to enliven the body, the mind, the emotions, and the soul. Whether you come to rest and renew, begin your spiritual quest, discover your body or continue your growth on a well-traveled path, Present Moment Retreat will prove to be an awe-inspiring, enlightening journey.


There is a fascinating shift taking place in our world… humans are waking up. People are leaving high-power, high-profile, high-paying jobs for non-profit, self-expressed and more fulfilling vocations. The astonishing growth in yoga, conscious living, meditation, environmentally responsible commerce and organic food products is unprecedented. Our world is waking up to spirit and the desire for deeper meaning in our lives. We’ve discovered that by being fully present, life takes on the qualities of spiritual and material abundance.

Living in the present moment is noticing that every cell in your body is wide awake and vibrating at a higher frequency. We feel more alive, yet more grounded—connected to ourselves and connected to others, wanting to extend this awareness out to the world.  A retreat to Present Moment is so much more than merely a vacation… it’s a way of thinking that you will inevitably take home with you, as a gift to yourself and the world, one that will keep on giving for many years, in many ways.

Conscious Living

Conscious living is a choice. It is an expression of personal power and freedom, when you begin to assume responsibility for your own responses and reactions to the events and circumstances in your lives. Through improved self-knowledge and self-understanding, stress and unhealthy states will fade from many aspects of life. One of the first benefits derived from conscious living is the emergence of a sense of empowerment. As we begin to recognize the source of our reactions and accept that they come from within, there is no longer any need to take our cue from someone or something outside of ourselves.

By living consciously, we have more control over our responses to life circumstances. Knowing ourselves better, we know where our thoughts come from and can choose to make an appropriately healthy and positive response. By being conscious, we are actually able to create the life we want to live rather than having to live the life that is handed to us. A second and equally valuable benefit of conscious living is the enhancement of our interpersonal relations. As we assume responsibility for ourselves, we will have less of a tendency to or need to blame others for our reactions, eliminating a tremendous source of conflict in most relationships.

Conscious living requires that we get out of the stands and into the game of our own lives; but this can only be done if we are willing to look inside and identify the blockages. Through an understanding of our personal cycles, we can become aware of those times that are most conducive to making progress in personal growth and self awareness. By being aware of these opportunities, we are then free to seek out appropriate means, and take any required action. This is our first step towards empowerment in our lives.

Environmental Practices

Present Moment is a conscious living retreat committed to continually refining our ecological practices that maintain and restore the health of natural ecosystems, local economies and the well-being of our staff and guests. We strive to step more lightly upon the earth, provide healthy food, protect biodiversity, and conserve water and energy.