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November 2nd – 23rd, 2019 | Early Bird: $300 Off Tuition!

Come to our award-winning Present Moment Retreat and take part in Kula Collective’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training & Beachside Cleansing. This is a life-enhancing, transformative experience where you will learn meditation, pranayama, asana, cleansing, shamanic philosophy, application of yogic theory and much more. We believe that the best way to learn Yoga is by living Yoga. Thus, we have developed an experiential curriculum where you will live an immersive yogic life for three weeks while learning the theories behind the practice.

From Lead Facilitator CJ Ananda
Why Yoga Teacher Training can be for Anyone

This is a unique program due to its incredible venue and its emphasis on Shamanic Healing and Holistic Cleansing. The cleansing focuses on all aspects of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.) We cleanse in order to reveal your truest self so that you can step onto the mat as a yoga teacher who guides from the pure essence of your Heart and from your connection to Spirit. Realize your inner stillness and access the wisdom that resides deep in your heart and soul. Come join us and awaken the power of your spirit while living in an eco-friendly paradise on the coast of Mexico.

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Highlights of the Beachside Cleansing 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training:

✔ Cleanse body, mind and spirit with raw food, an intestinal cleanse, a liver flush and optional supported fasting.

✔ Stay in stunning, comfortable cabins with daily attendance and high class service

✔ Nourish yourself with Gourmet, vegetarian meals at the well-known Sanctuary restaurant

✔ Venture out to a nearby cave and enjoy optional surfing, kayaking, swimming, horseback-riding and walking

✔ Help to release baby turtles, helping to conserve the health of future generations

✔ Practice, play and dine in the open air, with stunning sunsets and regular live music

✔ Professional Massage available in the Present Moment Space


Looking for the best yoga teacher training? Our Yoga Teacher Training is a holistic program; to understand yoga you must first understand self–body, mind, and spirit. The Chakana, or Andean Cross, acts as the guide and foundational structure for the course. The Chakana encompasses a lower world, middle world, and upper world, and within each world we will focus on different types of movement, diet, and meditation. We bring to life the ancient teachings of Yoga through accessible spiritual lessons, a solid foundation in Yogic philosophy, and a daily Yoga practice called The Kula Flow.

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Conscious Exploration Through The Four Arts

Our curriculum is split into four teaching tracks, woven through each of the three cycles. The Four Arts recognize and develop our studies in yoga in a thoroughly holistic manner, stimulating our students to become inspired, knowledgeable and intuitive teachers, expressing and modelling all aspects of this ancient lifestyle practice.

✔️ Art of Practice: Asana, Pranayama and Meditation infused with related themes, creative sequencing and personal practice design

✔️ Art of Living: Meditation, Yoga Philosophy of sacred texts and personal exploration and transformational developmental work

✔️ Art of Teaching: Theory and Methodology, Pranayama, Adjustments, Alignment, Sequencing, Transitions, Workshopping and Asana Analysis, Anatomy and unique therapeutic focus on various areas of the body

✔️ Art of Healing: Sacred Ceremony, Therapeutic Yoga for mental health, Ayurveda, Chakras and Shamanism and other energetic and holistic healing practices


During the training we wake up while the sun rises and experience the beauty and serenity in the midst of a tropical setting. Guided group meditation starts at 6:30 am. Meditation is followed immediately by asana (yoga posture) practice. It includes pranayama, asana, and relaxation.

In the afternoon we have our Art-of-Teaching workshop. We also have lectures, discussions and activities that cover yoga philosophy, yoga theory, yogic living, yoga diet, yoga anatomy, and yogic healing. We end our day with after-dinner Satsang (wise gathering) to contemplate and reflect on our sadhana (spiritual practice) of the day.

Sample Schedule

6:15-8:30 Art of Practice: Guided Meditation/Pranayama/Asana
8:30-10:00 Breakfast
10:00-13:00 Art of Living: Spiritual Intention (Yoga Anatomy, Philosophy, Daily Intentions & Special topics)
13:00-15:00 Lunch & Self-Study
15:00 – 17:30 Art of Teaching: Kula Flow, Asana Analysis, Adjustments & Creative Sequencing
17:30 – 19:00 Dinner
19:00-20:30 Art of Healing: Chakras & Healing Arts (Ceremony, Kirtan or Satsang sacred gathering)

About Present Moment

Present Moment is an eco-friendly Yoga Retreat Center and Boutique Hotel directly on the beach in Troncones, Mexico. We specialize in Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Dance & Healing Arts. Renew your spirit while meditating in our spiritual gardens or on our private beach; revive your energy with an Oceanside yoga class, and dine on mouthwatering gourmet cuisine. If you want to explore the area, activities include sunset horseback riding, hikes to waterfalls, kayaking, surf-yoga excursions, surf lessons, and more.

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Other Highlights


Tuition: US $2,850*

21 nights
Shared Room/meal packages: US $2,395 per person
Single Room/meal packages: US $2,895 per person

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Lead Facilitator: CJ Ananda Page

Co-Founder of Present Moment Retreat, Pura Vidya and Kula Collective, and ERYT 500 certified, CJ Ananda is a renowned teacher of yoga, dance and meditation. She has combined her joy of these self-healing therapies with her experience as a wellness coach and healing practitioner to create many international retreats and trainings. Ananda facilitates 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, Shamanic Cleanses and Retreats, giving each person the heartfelt attention and direct facilitation that cultivates an ecstatic, healing, and magical experience.

Integrating her teachings and passions, Ananda has developed a system of intentional-based healing that draws on the philosophy that we are all a part of this collective life force that is driving us towards greater consciousness. By exploring our gifts and expanding our relationship with higher Self, we come into alignment with our inner purpose of Awakening. Through our collaborative efforts and unified intentions, we magnify the richness of this life’s experience. (Read more of Ananda’s writings on her blog

Ananda and her husband Coby created Pura Vidya as a way to invite individuals to explore the fusion of the two mystical traditions of Yoga and Shamanism and to step into their Wisdom of Self (Vidya.) Yoga (union with the Divine) and Shamanism (interaction with the spirit world) are both practices designed to grant us access to the infinite wisdom we carry within ourselves. She believes in the Hopi saying: “We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.” Based on this belief, she trusts that we are each here to expand into the greatness of who we are, and as we connect to our inner essence, our Spirit Guides and our callings, we connect to the wholeness of all that is, where we can serve all beings from our highest capacity. She is inspired to inspire… and to continue this journey moment to moment, breath to breath.

Ananda currently travels between Peru, Guatemala and Troncones, Mexico, the home of Present Moment Retreat, where she holds sacred space for individuals and groups as they journey toward Self Realization and Spiritual Oneness. AHO!

In the Light of Love. We are One….


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