Natalie is a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist who has been spreading the light for Present Moment Retreat since 2007, specializing in Thai Massage, which she refers to as “applied yoga”. In one session of this amazing two hour treatment one can experience what may take years of a personal practice in yoga to build up to. She promotes it as one of the deepest forms of meditation, both for the receiver (moon) and the practitioner (sun). It’s the body and mind’s ultimate way to restore itself back to its natural state of union. There is no better place besides Thailand to experience this practice.

Originally trained in India, she has studied classical Raja and Hatha Yoga at her ashram in Maharashtra, India. She has spent about one year total in India seeking the ancient wisdom. Her connection with Present Moment began 10 years ago when she reached out from a tiny cyber cafe in Nasik, India where she connected with CJ our co-founder who was looking for someone to cover that summer while she attended her 20 year high school reunion. Natalie calls it “divine electronic intervention!” Upon her arrival she fell in love with the guests, the staff, the local community (including all the local kitties) and of course the waves.

She considers her work in yoga and Thai yoga massage as the most necessary and rewarding job on earth…working to “unwind” her clients back to their natural states of being. She has been leading Present Moment guests on trips to India, Thailand, Bali and Nicaragua since 2009. Each year she returns, to Chiang Mai, Thailand to continue her studies of Thai Yoga Massage to bring back different therapeutic techniques to share with you! Visit her website of to find out about her next yoga trip!

Natalie is also one of our local surf guides and can help you find a practice on the mat as well in the ocean!

Finally Natalie co-founded Surfer For Strays, a volunteer run non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of stray animals in and around Troncones . If you are interested in donating and/or taking a puppy or kitty back home with you please let her know by contacting her through Facebook .
She looks forward to practicing with you, guiding you on your soul’s journey and helping you reconnect with your true self. OM Shanti


Services provided by Natalie:
Private Yoga Class 90min, Circulatory Table Massage 60/90/120min, Thaï Massage 60/90/120/180min, Cupping 60min, Thai Acupuncture 60 min, Reiki Session 60min, Earlybird Yoga for Surfers 60min, Therapeutic Rope Yoga 60min, Qi Gong 60min, Surf Lessons and Tours

Natalie’s website: