Katie is a native Minnesotan and met our Co-Founder CJ Ananda at the Minneapolis Yoga Conference in 2014. She has joined the Kula Collective on their Shamanic retreats the last two years in Peru and was invited to join the team at Present Moment.

Over the last 15-years Katie has been a practicing Yoga from a variety of lineages and has spent the last 6 years teaching Yoga in the Caribbean and in Washington D.C. She began practicing for the physical benefits of having a regular practice only to discover the depth of spiritual evolution that was taking place as her practice evolved. After experiencing trauma and PTSD in early 2012, Katie turned to Yoga Therapy as a means to connect back with her true nature. She received her Master of Science in Yoga Therapy shorty after and has been practicing Bodywork and Yoga Therapy since. Over the last couple of years she has worked with Plant medicine and teachers in Peru that have guided her in developing her work as a Shamanic Energy Practitioner and Bodyworker. Katie is highly attuned to energy and her sessions offer an experience that relaxes and revitalizes the body through removing blockages, bringing the body, mind and Spirit into a more balanced state. Katie sees the essence of the Divine within each Being she shares space with, and has a passion for sharing in the Sacred nature that resides in and around us all. She has a passion for Social Justice work in the Healing arts and holds deep reverence for Mother Earth. Her life’s work is informed by these passions.

She encourages students and clients to come from a curious mind, reframing judgments we so often have towards ourselves and others. In this way, we become more accepting, allowing our experiences in Life to come from a place of Love.

Services Provided by Katie:
Shamanic Energy Healing 60/90min., Yoga Therapy 60/90/120min., Private Yoga Class 90min., Shamanic Energy Healing w/ Massage 60/90/120min., Wellness Coaching and Counseling 60/90/120min.