“Yoga will ruin your life,” Richard Freeman once famously quoted. For Jess Rose, this statement hits the nail on the head. Before yoga, Jess had a safe, clearly-defined life with a 9-5 job, and a circle of friends who got together once a week to chitchat about work and marriage–a good and easy life. But, in 2007, Yoga started creeping into Jess’ world and ruined the stable, automated life she had gotten so used to. Which was the best thing that could ever have happened to her. She transplanted to an Ashram in the foothills of India to immerse herself in daily 5 a.m. meditation, the powerful effects of chanting mantra and practicing kirtan, the selfless service of karma yoga, and the energetics of a strong physical asana practice coupled with pranayama and an ayurvedic diet.

From there, Jess’ cells were abuzz and her spirit was soaring, and she gave in to the powers that be by eschewing her full-time job to practice and teach yoga as well as make music and create a meaningful, expressive existence for herself in Europe. From her original training in India, Jess has gone on to become an RYT-500, and has undertaken trainings in Anusara, vinyasa flow, Jivamukti, and restorative yoga methods.
Jess has been teaching all over the world since 2012, basing herself in Berlin, Germany, but leading classes, workshops, and retreats throughout Europe, South America, and Africa, and having the honor of teaching thousands of students through her online programs on DoYouYoga.com.
Jess feels a deep connection to her Anusara roots, which translates into a powerful practice woven together with heart-themes, physical and energetic alignment principles, and just a touch of silliness. At the core of her teaching is the idea of an innate ‘goodness’ underlying everything we experience — from poses, to practices, to students, to ourselves, and life in general. Her yoga is not one of fixing problems or trying to escape reality. Instead, it is a way of opening to the magic and intrinsic goodness in all of life’s beauty, experiences, and pain. This worldview inspires Jess’s teaching and practice by allowing space for modifications for every student, inviting in individuality and personal expression, and creating a sense of inclusion and empathy into every breath, pose, and class.

You can join Jess’s meditation, vinyasa flow, and gentle yoga classes at the Present Moment through April 2017, practice online with her at DoYouYoga.com and join her teacher trainings in Indonesia and Thailand.

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