Jakie was born in Mexico and has been living a nomadic lifestyle for the past two years, mainly splitting her life between Mexico, The United States, Guatemala and Peru.
When she realized that the life that she was living in San Francisco wasn’t serving her anymore she decided to take some time off and do a 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training by Kula Collective in Present Moment. That’s how she discovered Present Moment almost three years ago. Her time with us was incredibly transformational and profoundly healing. She found the strength to make the necessary changes in her life and the inspiration to start following her dreams and live a life with purpose.

Since 2014, she works around 3 months seasonally.

She is passionate about life, travel, diving deep into the human consciousness and leading a life that reflects your highest potential. She believes that everyone comes with a unique purpose in life, and the process of discovering and fulfilling that purpose fascinates her. She found her connection in Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism, Mysticism and other spiritual practices. And her hope is to inspire others to live the life that has always waited to be lived by them.
Jakie attained her Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3 by Jean Ferris and Emily Henderson, a Thai Massage course by Randi Schiffman and studied metaphysics, Astrology, Kabalah and Tarot by the retreat center Piramides del Ka in Guatemala.

Services provided by Jakie:
Restorative Yoga and Morning Vinyasa Flow 90min, Crystal Reiki infused with Egyptian Energy Techniques 60/75min, Tree of Life Tarot Card Readings 45 min