Ryan just spent the last two years as the General Manager of the Hariharalaya Yoga & Wellness Retreat Center in Cambodia. During his time there he had the incredible opportunity, through his background in Business Development, Design & Construction, Project Management, Teaching, and Leadership, to help take Hariharalaya to its current status as Southeast Asia’s number one holistic yoga & meditation retreat center. His experience was incredibly rewarding as he had the good fortune of not only leaving his mark on a truly unique and amazing space, but by connecting with thousands of guests through the teachings of Integral Yoga. The center is now thriving with Sold Out retreats for months to come and he feels great about moving on to his next challenge at Present Moment Retreat.

The passion he has for yoga and mindfulness has guided his personal path as well as his professional career. His background has primarily been in luxury estate and yacht management, as well as luxury yacht charters. He has been a yacht captain for the past 14 years and has maintained and managed vessels, hotels, luxury estates, retreat centers, and villas of all sizes and in many different countries. He also has many years of experience with designing, building, and remodeling spaces. He teaches rock climbing, different styles of asana, restorative yoga, mindfulness, group activities, and partner yoga classes.

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