November 25-December 1st, 2017 – Vitality Yoga Retreat
Matt Portwood

Are you ready to leave behind limitations?Join Matthew Portwood at Present Moment Retreat for 7 days of Meditation, Asana and Yoga Exploration.

Present Moment Retreat is a space to relax, live, soften, let down and open your expansive being. Let go of all tension, all resistance, all mind until you are reunited with life in this beautiful moment.
Held at Present Moment Spa an exclusive oceanfront boutique hotel and yoga retreat situated on a quiet, serene beach in Troncones, thirty minutes up the coast from Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

In the Vitality Yoga Retreat Matt will be sharing 2 decades worth of understanding he’s gained of the vitality within his body with 4 primary pillars that anchor his teaching philosophy:
#1 Empower – Asana and Pranayama
#2 Awaken- Meditation
#3 Activate – Living Foods
#4 Optimize – Herbs & Earth Elements
Join him! Learn tools that he uses everyday to remain open, centered and connected to the ever renewing joy and vitality within each of us.

This is a chance to nurture a healthy balance of work and play away from your busy life and return home with potent practices that anchor you to your vitality.
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You will be practicing yoga and meditation in the rhythm of the tides. You will explore Living Foods through locally grown simple fruits and vegetables. Sun, Water, Earth and Air provide an alignment back to vitality, ease and Self Purpose.

Take time out, to align to highest intention. Open the pathways of body mind to the source from limitless being.  When we connect to wholeness it gives us a profound ability to serve.

Retreat is an important part of yoga practice because if takes us away from limiting daily habits and allows you to immerse yourself fully in the visioning of what you want to create in this world.

We will be using simple practical tools to access concentration and expanded consciousness.

We will be exploring living foods for vitality and freedom.

We will be invoking and remembering the into joy and vitality that is your true nature.


Experienced Teacher and Co-Founder of Radiant Life Yoga, Matthew weaves a fun and accessible path into posture, meditation and Experiential Self Knowledge. Simple practices reveal the magic and beauty that is already before your eyes. Matthew personalizes the practice for each student to the remembrance of your divine nature. Posture, Dance, Poetry, Music, Laughter, and Self Enquiry become a vehicle for profound unfolding.

Doubles: $1500.00 ($300 security deposit)
Triples: $1400.00 ($300 security deposit)

*singles available by request

A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.
All money can be refunded, except the deposit, up to 30 days before the trip. If the trip is canceled, all money will be refunded. There are ONLY 20 SPOTS available each week.

Daily Schedule Includes:
-Morning and Evening Meditation and Yoga with Matthew
-Accommodations in a beautiful Mexican cabana in ear shot of the crashing waves.
-Meditation, Living Foods Classes, Pranayama instruction, Silence, Self Enquiry and Daily Satsang.
-Baby sea turtle release
More available ala carte (i.e. sea kayaking tour, horse riding on the beach, hikes, massage, stand up paddle boarding, and surfing lessons!)

Reconnect to sacred source so that you can better serve in this life.

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