April 17-27, 2019 – Mountain Medicine Retreat

Taylor Morisette & Dr. Brianne McKenzie

Have you been waiting for the right opportunity to explore or work deeper with plant medicine? You’re invited to join us on a holistic adventure of expansion! We will gather in a sacred way and delve into the nature of universal consciousness.

Throughout the retreat, we’ll cultivate awareness through a variety of intentional practices/rituals: yoga asana, kirtan, temezcal, guided meditation, hiking, communal acupuncture, ceremonial arts, working with a variety of plant spirit medicines, and 1-on-1 support with the Shaman–Andres.

Embracing tradition, we will cleanse our physical and energetic bodies with a “dieta,” honoring the spirit of each plant medicine and mindfully preparing for our individual & collective journeys.

We will be joined by our teacher, Shaman Andres Espinoza, who will be introducing the group to each plant spirit medicine and guiding us in every ceremonial journey. Andres is originally from Chile and was raised amongst The Mapuche, the indigenous people of the region. In 2005, he was invited to apprentice within a circle of shamans in the Brazilian Amazon, and immersed himself into the study of plant medicine, icaros (native medicine songs), and the cultural traditions of the Katukina elders.

For six years Andres worked with the elders in the jungle, and toured with them throughout Chile and South America–bringing medicine to the people. In 2011, he was given the blessing from his teachers to begin sharing ceremonial medicines and the wisdom he had acquired. Filled with gratitude, Andres moved to Peru, immediately immersing himself into the Shipibo and Quechua cultures, where he continues to work with a variety of plant medicines and share/study traditional ceremonial arts.

Andres is a master of medicine songs from many different cultures and is known to sing in ceremony continuously for up to four hours! In addition to singing, he is a creator: writing songs and composing music; he also plays various forms of percussion, and is an avid guitarist. Andres continues to live in The Sacred Valley of Peru with his wife and children, and travels internationally sharing his gifts and ancestral wisdom across the globe.

The following medicines* will be ceremoniously introduced during the retreat:

Master Plants:
-Wachuma (San Pedro Cactus)

*All medicines introduced during the retreat are completely optional

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Dr. Brianne McKenzie
Taylor Morisette
‣ Andres Espinoza (Shaman)


‣ 10 nights shared luxury accommodation
‣ $2950 USD per person – All inclusive
‣ Space is limited to only 10 students!

Download your Registration Form Here*
Download your Health Form Here*

*Please note: Both forms must be received by the facilitators 30 days prior to arrival*


The Bunk House accommodates four individuals, very comfortably: over-sized bunks with double beds, personal dressers and night stands, windows with views of the main house and over-looking zen gardens, a fireplace and lounge area, and a bathroom with 2 showers, toilet, and vanity.

The Cabin is the most private space available on the property: nestled into the upper corner of the zen garden, and bordering the pine forest. This unit is equipped with a fireplace, a lounge area, a shower, a toilet, a vanity, a dresser, and a queen size bed*, accommodating an individual or a couple.

The Master Suite is one of three over-sized rooms in the main house. Extremely over-sized in fact, the ceiling in this room 20 feet tall at its peak! Over-looking the lake through a panorama of more-than-full-length, sliding, glass doors, you have private access to the main deck and an over-sized private deck space. In addition, this sprawling room is equipped with a fireplace and lounge, a flatscreen TV and lounge, two closets built into circular-shaped walls, drawers built into an over-sized vanity that follows the contour of the walls, a sauna, a toilet-vanity combo, a shower, and a king-size bed with view of the fireplace! Depending on the needs of the individuals utilizing this space, two more beds can comfortably be added to the floor plan – accommodating up to four people in total.

The Blue Door Suite is one of three over-sized rooms in the main house. Waking up in this room is absolutely stunning, as a giant window acts as the headboard for the king size bed* – giving an incredible perspective of the canopies of indigenous trees on the property. Another huge window in the room over-looks the zen garden. This room has a private entrance, through an antique door of which it is named after, adjacent to the water fountain at the entrance of the main house. In addition, this room is equipped with a toilet-vanity, and a shower.

The Lake View Suite is one of three over-sized rooms in the main house: over-looking the lake through more-than-full-length, sliding, glass doors, and private access to the deck – it is obvious how this room got it name. The sleeping quarters are more cozy than the rest, with a double size bed* and an armoir; however, it is still very spacious with tall ceilings. This room has a notably over-sized bathroom with circular-shaped walls, taking up even more floor-space than the bedroom itself. A view from the window in the bathroom over-looks the outside dining patio, yoga shala, and forest. The bathroom has a toilet, a vanity, and a shower, as well as additional space to keep your belongings.


The Morelia airport (MLM) is a one hour drive from Zirahuen, home of the Mountain Medicine Retreat Center (MMRC). Morelia, the capital of Michoacán, is the largest city within the state and is world heritage site named for it’s well preserved Spanish-Colonial buildings and layout of the city’s historic center. It is a beautiful place to explore for a day or two before or after the MMRC.

Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo airport (ZIH) is a thirty minute drive to Troncones–where our beachfront yoga center Present Moment Retreat is located. From Troncones, Zirahuen is a three-and-a-half hour drive.

Depending on individual preferences, some participants may choose to purchase round-trip flights to/from MLM, while others may choose to fly round-trip to/from ZIH, with a third option being to fly one-way into either airport and one-way out of the other.

If you have some flexibility in your travel schedule please consider staying at our beachfront yoga retreat and spa resort in Troncones before and/or after The Mountain Medicine Retreat. The drive between Troncones and Zirahuen is absolutely stunning the entire way!


Whatever airport you choose to fly into/out of, we will be organizing transportation for all of our registered participants to the MMRC in Zirahuen on April 17th and from the MMRC on April 27th.  The cost for transportation to/from the MMRC (*MLM airport or Troncones) is $60 USDs per person, each way.

*For participants who choose to fly into and/or out of ZIH will also need to pay for transportation between the airport and Troncones–in addition to the transportation to/from the MMRC. The cost of airport transfer between ZIH and Troncones is $60 USDs per taxi, each way. If you plan to fly in to ZIH, you must arrive to Present Moment Retreat in Troncones by 10am on April 17th to catch the shuttle to the MMRC in Zirahuen. If you plan to fly out of ZIH, the shuttle from the MMRC will be arriving in Troncones at about 4pm on April 27th, it is recommended that you book your flight out of ZIH on April 28th or later.

For more information on the Mountain Retreat Centre at Lake Zirahuén please click here

All money can be refunded, except the deposit, up to 30 days before the event. If the retreat is cancelled, all money will be refunded.

Reconnect to the sacred source so that you can better serve in this life. Join us today!