At Present Moment Retreat, Mexico’s best yoga retreat and boutique hotel, we begin every day with meditation on the Pavillion, overlooking the morning sea. The human body has an instinctive ability to shift into profound rest states in order to heal, energize, integrate, tune up and assimilate learning. Mediation promotes a heightened awareness of the details of everyday life, turning the “normal” into the magical.

What is Mindfulness Practice?

Mindfulness is the practice of opening to and accepting life just as it is–a constantly-changing process. To begin, we must make the necessary effort to calm the mind and body. Without this first step our intention to be present is often overwhelmed by our habits of reactivity and struggle–trying to fix or control the conditions of the moment. To calm the mind and the body we practice connecting and sustaining our attention to ordinary experiences in every moment. For example, the sensations of the breath coming and going or the sensations of lifting and placing each foot as we walk. This simple, clear and patient seeing is at the heart of mindfulness practice.

Tranquility arises when we train our attention to return to the present moment experience, over and over again. This training is directed by an understanding heart that appreciates how difficult it is to remain present. Still, no matter how difficult it appears to be, our practice is to recognize what is happening and to gently return the attention to the breath, the body, or sounds. It is our persistent effort that calms the mind, energizes our practice and leads to clearer seeing and being. We use ordinary experiences, such as the breath, as a refuge–a place to refocus the mind when it has wandered away from the present. Over time, this capacity to be present becomes a great friend and allows us to relate to all experiences with greater clarity, trust, and acceptance. The ability to abide with the flow of time, as opposed to imagining the past or the future, creates the context for insight to arise. Wisdom, compassion and peace of mind are the fruits of meditation.

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Present Moment offers a guided meditation every morning at 8am.

Photos courtesy of LovaLinda