We wish to thank our wonderful clients for their continued support over the years. Your amazing, uplifted and positive energy has been such a blessing on so many levels… we are eternally grateful… Namaste. The feedback that we have received warms our hearts every time that we read it… you’re the best!

Please check out the Present Moment TripAdvisor page for our most recent guest reviews.


What some of our guests have to say:

“Present Moment: I just want to say thank you so much for everything! I’ve been coming here since 2007…5 times so far…and everytime I come I just LOVE it more! Thanks to Tom, CJ, Natalie, Manuel and Gaby…I truly love you all. We are leaving today, but I will remember each and everyone of you forever..I love everything…just the thought of it; pina coladas, the ocean view, yoga every morning, the staff and all of the kindness that is shared with us, massages and simply everything that is special in Troncones. Present Moment is the best…we love you guys! Hope to see you again soon…thank you…namaste.”

Ainhoa Garcia, Mexico City

“Dearest Tom: It was so awesome meeting you! Your amazing, incredible yoga retreat completely reflects your spirit. I have never seen, or experienced, such incredible service ANYWHERE!!! Your staff was AMAZING…and this comes from a person who is very much service-oriented herself. During our stay we got so close to your staff and had such good times. The food was excellent… Mahi-Mahi for example was scrumptious. Blake and I finished a couple of bottles of delicious wine as well during our stay (something that I usually don’t do)….and even enjoyed the coffee-nutella ice cream for desert!! Also, the guacamole with/chips dish was to die for! I don’t know how many we ordered all together! It was one of our favorites. I have to also thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me stay in your a/c ‘Peace’ bungalow. It truly saved me and made my stay extra special!Everything was perfect…..I just LOVED the retreat. Emily and Erin are amazing teachers; both very knowledgeable in their own fields. We bonded with everybody on your staff. Everybody went out of their way to make our stay as pleasant as possible, and they very much succeeded at that! I brought some of your business cards with me and already placed them in my studio. Please, when your new brochures come in, send me them? I want every student of mine to go and experience what I have experienced! Please keep in touch Tom, and I wish you nothing but continued success with both of your amazing creations…you are quite a unique and sweet spirit! With much love and joy.”

Effie Wood San Antonio, Texas

“Hello, CJ I hope that this finds you well. It has been around 2 months since I left Present Moment, and I have thought of my experience almost daily. I want to thank you once again for providing the perefect, magical environment for me to celebrate a half century in this body. It is surly a week that I never will forget. In addition to all of your other stellar qualities, I hope that you feel wonderful about the fact that you provide such a positve space for people to heal, renew, and find their way. Thank you very much. I know that I will see you again in the very near future. Love”


“CJ, Tom, Natalie and all of the amazing staff: At the beginning of my stay here, I wondered what would be my destiny to write in this journal… and now it’s clear. You have helped me to find my soul, my life, my place, my love, my happinesss, my path and so much more. I hope that everyone else who comes to Present Moment will do the same. Thank you and Namaste.”

Claire, the Virgin Island

“For the first time in 35 years we are back in ‘Mexico Lindo’, and by chance we turned off at the Troncones exit where we found Present Moment Retreat; and what a beautiful retreat it has been. After driving from Guanajuato this paradise was a haven of peacefulness!! We enjoyed our 5 days of simply being present, eating great food, and enjoying our gorgeous, natural surroundings…amazing. Thank you Tom and CJ. We will forever remember this beautifully rendered experience.”

Henk and Tania Van Nes Somerset West, South Africa

“Present Moment is THE absolute most incredible place to celebrate 50 years of life on this planet! CJ and Tom; the two of you are helping to heal the earth with your creation, my friends…what a magical experience! Thank you!”

Nancy Enz Lill Spokane, Wa.

“Dear, Tom & C.J. We just finished 5 days at Present Moment. So Amazing! It was above and beyond what we both needed to experience. Thank you so much for the incredible hospitality. The staff was excellent; what a wonderful place with such high vibrations. I can tell that the retreat center was created with very sincere intentions and much love…thanks again! P.S. I will come teach whenever you need.”

Shelby and Kurt Park City, Ut.

“Hi, Tom. I just wanted to let you know that Im sorry I didn’t get to meet you on my recent visit and share my impressions of your “paradise”. I fell in love with CJ and your staff, and of course Present Moment. I really think that you have created a special place, and the energy there is truly spectacular. Your taste in design, layout and details is amazing… it is not too posh or overstated; in fact, very earthy, organic and tasteful but elegant…and special, very special. I just wanted to personally thank you; it was worth saving up some hard earned cash so my mother, sisters and I could have that magical week. Thank you. Good luck with all your endeavors and your new mountain retreat. Namaste”

Hallie Whitney Bayfield, Colorado

“This moment is the last minute spent in this wonderful paradise. The experience delivered all of my fantasies come true; rocking chair, palm trees, roaring surf, gentle people, great pool, beautiful environs and so much more. The staff at Present momentis warm, courteous, efficient, caring and ever so professional. My heart, mind and soul are energized for the return home. Taj (the kitty): thank you for looking after our bungalow when we were away. CJ and staff: I wish you the very best! Linda: Thank you for your kind words and very special attention which you shower onto all Present Moment guests. I dream on returning on day soon.”

Lisa Lalonde, Vancouver, BC

“This is the third night of my four night stay here at Present Moment Retreat. I am having the most wonderful experience with my best friend Amy and our Yoga group. This place is truly amazing in every single aspect. I adore the setting, the staff, the cuisine, the rich experiences…and even the pets! I will miss this resort when I leave, but hope to one day find my way back. Thank you so much!”

Tina Boecker Austin, Texas

“Ahhh….(as CJ says in yoga class). This is such a gentle place…gentle spirits, gentle breeze, gentle care. I love it here; what a beautiful community…so safe and so kind. To bring the essence of ‘Present Moment’ back home, and continue to manifest it’s gifts…thank you, thank you!”

Michele Kelly Denver, Colorado

“Well needed vacation from the hustle and bustle of our daily life in the U.S. Present Moment is the perfect place to center ones’ self, and listen closely to to your being. The people here are amazing; I felt completely safe and supported. There is a grounding energy, along with a compassionate frequency, from the staff ; the pactice; the earth…I will definately return to relax and re-energize.”

Myra Lazo, Philadelphia.

“Dear Present Moment: We have had the best of times in this incredible place that you’ve created. The perfect vaction; staffed with great people teaching fantastic yoga…wow! You have really succeeded on the formula of making your guests feel genuinely welcomed and happy. Our baby, Ana, had lots of fun; expanding her senses all of the way to the sky and moon. And our dog, Africa, was in heaven on your beach. Keep up the excellent work…lots of love!”

Mariana, Carlos, Ana and Africa

“‘Unity’ says it all…Unity with my sister, Christine. Unity with the kind and beautiful staff at Present Moment. Unity with this special slice of paradise. Unity with myself as I end a very tumultuous 53rd year, and begin my 54th refreshed and filled with hope. Thank you for renewing my body, and my spirit!”

Karen U. Sugarland, Texas.

“Tom & CJ You’ve done a wonderful job creating this paradise; it’s beauty and it’s spirit. It is a truly special catalyst to come and discover whatever we are seeking inside…rest, reflection, renewal. I hope that your partnership continues to grow, prosper, and sustain this precious retreat center, along with all of the generous people who work with you. Thanks for everything”

Clara Fon-Sing, New York

“Tom & CJ, Thank you for an incredibly unique and rejuvinating week here at Present Moment Retreat. We especially admire your committment to providing such a personal touch to each and every guest. All aspects of our stay were exceptional…the atmosphere, the delicious food, the transformational class, the adventures and most importantly…your awesome staff (including Bodhi…very cute)! Thank you so much!”

Mary and Andras Los Angeles, Ca.

“I can’t thank you enough for creating such a wonderful space. My past week has been incredible; a perfect and relaxing environment for a life in transition. I so appreciate the sincere attention to details. It is truly amazing to me how absolutely everything, and everyone, is so well cared for. The beauty of the resort, the joy within your staff, the fabulous food, and of course…the yoga!! I’m certain that Mary and I will return again soon! Love and blessings”

Maggie Dick and Mary Tatum, Denver, Colorado

“Thanks to CJ and the amazing PM Staff for creating this lovely retreat to unwind and to be so carefully pampered in…not to mention stretched. We loved the yoga classes; especially the extra adjustments that your amazing teachers gave…perfect. The cuisine was consistantly excellent and we’re definately recommending Present Moment to all whom we know and meet!”

Ingrid and Andrew Wray, Lions Bay, BC, Canada

“Labor Day weekend, I planned this retreat a week prior to arriving, and it was the BEST DECISION that I have ever made for myself! The yoga, food, massages, hospitality, positive energy, and the love are palpable, and I will carry their vibrations with me as I re-enter my future day to day. Thank you all for this most magical experience. I will dream about my sun salutations overlooking the Pacific; the deadly french toast, deconstructed key lime pie, soul filled music and consistantly fantastic people here. All my best…I will be back!!”

Emilie Vasu San Francisco, Ca.

“Thank you for the amazing experience at Present Moment! This place is heavenly…beautiful sunsets and peaceful atmosphere. Every detail is perfect! Teneva has magical hands; and everyone on staff such a kind heart. We will be back with family and many friends to share the wealth of this experience. CJ…you’re the best! Love”

Holly and Justin, Los Angeles, California

“Hello, CJ! I wanted to thank you for making my trip so wonderful. I had such an amazing time and met such great people. You, Emily, Natalie, Amity and your momwere all so kind and full of love. Everyone made me feel so welcome and so much a part of the family. Staying at Present moment helped me realize that I could really do anything with my life, and what you’re doing in Troncones is a dream of mine. You’re giving back, helping people, improving the community that you are in; and it’s such a beautiful place. These are the attributes that I see for the next phase of my life, and it’s so oencouraging to see a dream like yours actualized. Love, light and peace to you, beautiful lady.”

Elizabeth Dowd Seattle, Wa.

“What a beautiful addition to this planet…wonderful. We had such a lovely time. There is a definate and distinctively chill vibe here, a wonderful staff, talented teachers and nurturing surroundings. Thank you for an amazing 5 days of renewal.”

Amy Klinke and Wendy Lawson, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“We will recommend Present Moment to all of my friends and family. It is beautiful, relaxing and it’s tranquil beach is a rare breath of fresh air. The people that we have met here are so wonderful and authentic. We had a delightful time. This entire place is very quaint and charming. Cj exudes feelings of peace, love and positve energy, making us feel instantly comfortable. The message that I experienced with Leela was one of the best that I ever had. We loved the morning Ashtanga classes…all of the teachers are brilliant. Thank you so much for creating this incredible slice of paradise!”

John and Susan, Berkeley, California
“CJ & Tom- Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating a space that warms the soul, cleanses the heart, and strengthens one’s spirit. In the middle of winter in the states, my family and I came to celebrate the marriage of Justin and Emily. Present Moment was the very backbone and foundation for creating the uplifted energy necessary for an incredible wedding experience. What a pleasure it was to listen to the waves every night before I slept, to sip fresh juice every morning, to reflect every day during yoga, and even scored a new fabulous of antique jewelry! The good vibes at Present Moment will remain with me on my return to Colorado, where they will be shared with loved ones. All my best”

Lee Bley, Denver, Colorado
“We were here for a spiritual retreat with Don DeMercurio and Nina Miller. The setting, the staff, the wonderful ambiance and beautiful esthetic here helped to make our spiritual journey peaceful and awe inspiring. Love the cuisine, the tender hearted team of of teachers, Nia dancing, Thai massage, Reiki…all ‘conspired’ to make the experience one of honor and grace. Enjoy and please go horseback riding at sunset…buena vista, and the birds are not afraid of the horses and let you come up so close. A great adventure for bird lovers!”

Sally and Tim Carlton, Holyoke, Massachusetts
“The staff at Present Moment is so personable that we felt completely at home. We never once felt the need to leave the grounds. We truly appreciated the efforts of the chef to accommodate my special dietary needs…delicious! A very special moment was meditating with 2 pelicans while on our kayak adventure. Moon was wonderful; especially his massages and fire cermony. Thank you!”

Susan and John Twiggs, Marshall, Wi.
“We had a wonderful week in our bungalow named ‘Wisdom’. We have met so many beautiful, special and amazing people here. It is all love…all around us. This retreat opened up my heart again, and I will return home bringing with me a rare and authentic gift. My words on this page cannot possibly express my true feelings. Thanks to the entire staff at Present Moment for creating this magical place.”

John and Andrea, The Netherlands
“A transformational week…I truly believe that my awareness has been enhanced. The energy here is loving, and for this I am forever grateful. An ashram of peace and tranquility; my goal is to one day return and be a part of this amazing community, offering much love and support to all who find themselves here. CJ, thank you for vision and follow through. Love”

Marty, Newburyport, Ma.
“Present Moment is indeed paradise; I feel complete in body and mind. What a beautiful oasis that you have created…I especially enjoyed the indigenous influence and lack of commercialism. This is what life should be like. I’ll treasure this experience, and keep it tucked away inside my heart; drawing consciously from it as my life unfolds.”

Brenda Brugger, Newburyport, Ma.
“Present Moment is a perfect blend of nature, beauty and harmony. I am feeling so nurtured, as your talented and dedicated staff made every experience exceptional…so special. The food is a deliciously wonderful memory; the excusite flavors, aromas and presentations…yum! Thank you so much for accommodating my dietary restrictions. You guys have it all together…keep it up!”

Sara, Portland, Or.
“From the first moment that we walked through your amazing gates, we were swept away in beauty. The friendliness of the talented staff, to the majesty of the setting…we were speechless. The flora, the ocean, the birds searching for their next meal, the sanctuary pool, the knowledgeable teachers and therapists, those amazing classes that stretched our bodies and minds…wefelt welcomed into the Present Moment…a unique opportunity to listen within. Thank you and namaste”

Liba, Jeffrey and Dahlia Herman
“The service and staff at Present Moment are EXCEPTIONAL. I have never, ever, been in such a beautiful place where there is so much trust and kindness. Your staff are all true gems; they are happy to be at work and were genuinely kind to us. I am amazed that you have acheived this high level of service in a 3rd world country. It would be fantastic in the U.S., but in Mexixo it seems even more unreal. Thank you for the best vacation of my life. Now, when I have a meditation class where they say, ‘think of a place where you have been very happy and at peace’, I will think of Present Moment.”

Sara Koplik, Albuquerque, NM
“Here’s where we can let our Yin and Yang dance together until we become one with everything. Allow your inner energy to embrace dance and you will dissolve the tightness of your mind, body and soul. Bliss equals heavenly happiness, and look no further for it than here at Present Moment. You have created a great place to start a new day, a new year or a new life…let it be a new beginning for us all. Love and peace”

Carmen, Toronto, Canada
“What a transformational experience! I have been guided to you, and Present Moment Retreat gave me exactly what I needed. I am leaving with a big smile. I met so many beautiful people, and have learned something valuable form each and everyone of them! I head home with a sense of hope, awareness, happiness and peace. Everything is truly beautiful here. The nature, the butterflys, the sea, the staff and guests, the pool, the classes…there is no end to the positive energy. I had lost myself into my mind before I came here, and now I feel reconnected with my true essence, with the present moment. Thank you Tom and CJ for creating such a magical place with an energy that defies description. Namaste and love”

Kim, Quebec
“We had a wonderful and very relaxing stay at Present Moment. We honestly forgot about the world outside…thank you!”

Jeanette and Naum, Mexico City
“Impossible to make any better! So much more than I could have imagined…thank you Tom and CJ. I travel to many yoga destinations throughout the world, and Present Moment Retreat is BY FAR the most peaceful, beautiful and FUN! I greatly appreciate all of the combined efforts of your amazing team here in paradise. Love”

Marianne Wells, Minneapolis, Mn.
“I came for 21 days to make a distinct transformation. I was thinking before I came that there would be breakthroughs, revelations and realizations. But as the end of my trip drew near, I realixzed that none of those processes happened. What eally happened is that I lived in the ‘Now’ for 21 days. I was carefully nurtured, body and soul, and gracefully attended to like never before in my life. At a very deep level I finally felt that it was totally okay to be me…simply that. So with deep gratitude I thank all of the Present Moment staff. I’m so grateful for the friendships I will take with with me, and for the love that I will return to someday in the future. Namaste”

Rosa Peralta, Panama City, Fl.
“With love, gratitude and a peaceful mind I leave this wonderful jewel called Present Moment Retreat. Seven days is not nearly enough to be in the presence of such warmth and grace. Staff and guests naturally merge into one big, happy family. The accommodations were superb, the food was tantalizing and the yoga, qi gong and neditation was moving and spiritual. Namaste”

Cynthia Lansing, Michigan
“I am finishing up my month of teaching yoga here at Present Moment and staying in this sweet, cozy bungalow called ‘Intuition’. I experienced the transformation of so many people in this magical place…myself included. The memorable part of my stay was walking down the beach and suddenly realizing that I was actually in the present moment, awash with direct experience and flooded with joy. Peace and love to all who stay here. May all of your wishes be met with unlimited abundance. Namaste”

Present Moment is good medicine for everyone! I love the attention to detail in each and every aspect of the property…amazing. The placement of each element is in perfect harmony with mother nature. Everyone on staff is so warm and friendly. I didn’t feel so much like a guest; rather an important part of a family. As an ‘off season’ traveler, the was the best trip that I have had…sp peaceful and quiet. I would suggest hammocks for every bungalow. Thank again for all that you do! Namaste”

Karissa Schell, Atlanta
“Reluctant at first to stay I opened my mind and my heart to this beautiful and magical place. Everyone here has been so kind and warm. I truly can see their passionate hearts shining through their smiles and graceful ways. I came here hoping to to reflect, relax and cleanse my soul. My hopes were were met…and exceeded! Thank you, Tom & CJ, for creating this wonderful sanctuary for healing, being and loving. Peace and love”

Christine XXOO, East Haven, CT
“My husband and I came to celebrate our first year wedding anniversary. This was the perfect place to relax, connect, play and be fully present in every moment. The sound of the ocean, the warmth and kindness of the staff, the leisurely and mouthwatering sunset dinners, the mindful walks on the beach, the inspirational yoga and Qigong, and the time to simply BE ourselves completely nourished our souls. We are filled with grattitude as we depart in peace, love, and a deep appreciation for making each and every moment count. Blessings”

Rick and Katy
“The yellow butterfly feasting upon the orange flower of the tropical hibiscus. The vibrant green iguana dancing poolside. The scent of warm ocean breezes…splashing, crashing of waves. The chirping, the buzzing, the hushed but enlightened voices. Here the feeling of tranquility is certain. What have all the birds found? Perhaps a crate of kazoos…such cacaphony! Thank you all.”

Jim Resor and Claire Blake, SF, CA
“We love this place!! The food is amazing… unbelievable! The staff is warm, knowledgable and so friendly. The gentle breeze, the ocean melting into our beings, the sounds of Shiva on the sound system, waves rocking rythmically behind…the in/out breath of yoga. Oh, and we cannot forget to mention our little Angel, April, who made our experience all the more worth while. We wiil be back soon!! P.S. The massage therapists were incredible!!”

Tash and Andre, NYC
“It took a couple of days to unwind and relax into this fantastic groove, but after two weeks here we feel absolutely amazing! We have experienced perfectly what we had hoped for; getting my yoga body back, eating healthy gourmet cuisine, daily meditation, running and walking on the beach, feeling clean and clear. This is truly a magical place that all should be fortunate enough to enjoy!”

Leslie and Heinz, NYC and Zurich, Switzerland
“The love and compassion that I have experienced here is like no other. Love permeates the grounds, the classes, the atmosphere, and the personal attention. I feel blessed, with tears of tenderness in my eyes, to have shared this feast for the senses. Ashe…”

Ilyade, Oakland, CA
“Dear Tom & CJ, PMR staff, and all whom we met passeing through this paradise. I am so grateful that I found you through the wonder of the internet. Thank you so much for scrambling to create a space for me when you were already full…great customer service. Your staff and natural setting created the perfect environment for my physical rest and mental revival. I quietly celebrated my 58th birthday with new found friends…such a treat…I will be back! With love and affection”

Jim Ambrose, Toronto, Canada
Tears of release, sighs of the outbreath, sounds of remembering. My first morning lying in bed with the doors of my heart wide open. Will I be too vulnerable? Will I discover what I have intentionally buried deep within? Probably. I was so uncertain…always, always questioning…looking for something other than what I have…what I am. Here I feel less tired, less tight…so free.”

“CJ- You have created the most wonderful resort for all people to enjoy who are looking for peace and inspiration…I am so proud of you. Thank you for making me a better person.All my love”

“Today I arrived a midwestern farmer’s daughter, corn fed, to this beautiful oasis. Oh my goodness, how breathtaking! Yoga this morning was awesome. I’m fully stretched, and the colors and nature around me seems to have opened a new door in me. After morning meditation and a massage today, I went for a swim in the Pacific…just my skin against the waves; and the powerful, radient energy of the sea flowing through my soul, my heart, my mind. I closed my eyes and beheld the golden rays…purple, green…harmony. I have decided to walk into the jungle barefoot as I know enlightenment awaits me there. I trust in the connectedness of this universe….love.”

“This place is transformative. Magical. I came with joy, and left with so much more! Your amazing staff and and wonderful guests and I became fast friends that I plan on keeping in touch with. Thank you for manifesting your creative vision and allowing a healing retreat for kindred spirits…I am forever grateful…I am forever changed. Namaste”

Natalie (AKA ‘ Dallas’)
“This is day 6 of 7 in paradise. Internally and extrenally refreshed, I will leave tomorrow fulfilled. Thank you to everyone at Present Moment Retreat for an amazing experience…I will return! All involved with this property have been wonderful. My Thai massage with natali was one of the best massages of my life! The yoga classes were energizing, centering and refreshing. The restaurant was exceptional and CJ is the consumate host. Be well and love yourselves!”

Liz McFarland, Oakland, CA
“An energizing, grounding, fufilling experience was mine over these past 7 days. I came hoping for peace and calm, and left with energy, laughter, new ideas, amazing connections and more! Thank you CJ, Tom, Peter and all of the staff for creating your vision a reality that attracts such powerful energy. My experience here has been better than any 5 star hotel because there is the opportunity to meet everyone who works at Present Moment. The grounds are so amazingly well cared for, and refreshingly beautiful…I will return with friends! To the next guest who comes here on a solitary holiday: please enjoy the peace, the calm; and reach out to get to know the wonderful staff and guests that are so attracted to this lovely place. You’ll be thrilled that you did.”

Lindsay, San Francisco
“Present Moment is the ideal place to simply ‘let go’. The staff was fantastic. There is plenty of activities throughout the day, but it always felt so tranquil. The pool was always so pure, clean and inviting. Your flowers and landscaping are picture perfect…so very beautiful. The cuisine is amazing and the the restaurant crew were very accommodating. This is such a wonderful environment…you are all doing great things here. We can’t wait to return! Love and namaste”

Melissa Gale and Megan Sayler, Seattle, Washington
“Dear Tom and everyone involved with Present Moment. This was so much more than a person could ever imagine…your spirit, your compassionate understanding, this transformational environment, as well as the beauty and the ease. I thank you more deeply than you could ever imagine. Love”

“I leave tomorrow, but with more consciousness. I have learned my true meaning of being present and aware, not from the books that I read, but rather from my experiences her everyday. Tom, CJ, Peter, Alejandra, Adan, Erin, Amity…all of the staff and other guests…as well as the dogs Gringo, Tuk, Kenya and the cutest, Beau. Thank you for being such wonderful parts of this Universe! I only hope that you realize just how much you are appreciated.”

Cynthia Synhorst, Dallas, Texas
“We draw a circle of the hours of this day before us, lifting up to our hearts all that it holds, opening to receive each moment, gathering these hours in our arms we find a center within ourslves and from that point we step back to welcome this day, lifting up to invite the blessings from above and below, blending together, bringing them into our core. We step forward, sending out to this day all that we are letting rise, like a flame, we stand ready to receive the teachings this day will bring. Turning , we prepare to walk these hours with full attention. We gather in the goals of our hopes, our visions and our plans…lifting them to our hearts, we release our expectation for this day so we may become empty and clear. We lift up the gifts of this earth, to the sky, and the gift of the sky we return to the earth, somehow finding our place within. We embrace the Tiger, and return to the stillness of the mountain. John and Ethel Praise, Grattitude, Love”

John and Ethel
“Well, we leave today; however we will take away many valuable experiences from this paradise. The beauty and tranquility will last for a lifetime. Thanks Cj, Tom and your first class staff for a wonderful, albeit brief, adventure. Next time will definately be longer! Present Moment has a great energy! As a parting gift, Taj, a resident kitty, jumped the door and spent the night in our bed with us…amazing. We’re looking forward already to our next visit, and plan on returning home with our yoga practice firmly established into our daily lives. Thanks, again!”

Mark and Teresa
“Let’s just say that you guys know how to do it right! We don’t travel the world, but by some stroke of ‘random luck’ we found Present moment. Maybe it wasn’t luck at all, but more of a blessing from a higher source?! Either way, what a beautiful gift to share it has been to share such an exquisite environment with some rather amazing people. The entire staff should take a bow. Our grattitude to CJ and Tom, as well as everyone else, for your genuine love and kindness. Thank you for all of the goodness and hugs. Yes, yes, yes, yes! Thanks so much for filling our cups. I can only hope that I am able to carry with me this wonderful energy. Our love and appreciation goes out to all of the waitstaff, teachers, groundskeepers, and fellow guests. Revitalized is such an understatement…actually there are no words to describe our joy. This place and the people here will live on in our hearts forever. All ways, One love”

Johann and Sheri, Colorado
“My family thoroughly enjoyed our stay in ‘Harmony’ at Present Moment. We had been searching for the perfect place to stay on the coast over the past years, and we have finally found it! I got the chance to experience all of the yoga teachers; Erin, Natalie, CJ and Leela. Wow…they are all an amazing representation of what yoga can do for the body, mind and spirit! I absolutely adored Leela’s dance classes, so tribal, wonderfully sensual and expressive. Even my boys, Kirk and Bryce, took the afternoon restorative class and loved it. Thanks so much for creating this idyllic retreat. I will definitely return again soon…promise; but I might just bring the girlfriends next time! Peace and love”

Antoinette Larkspur, Ca.
“What a special 4 days we have been blessed with here at Present Moment. The amazing cuisine, positive energy, great classes and heavenly massages are all world class. Thank you again for providing such a warm and hospitable environment. This was the perfect setting in which to re-connect and to fall in love again. Thank you.”

Blair and Lalena, British Columbia, Canada
“I am enjoying the wisdom that comes along with staying in a bungalow called ‘Wisdom’. If Present Moment was super imposed on the face of a clock, the time would be 10pm, the general hour that I’ve felt the most reflective here towards the end of my day of long walks on the beach, daily yoga, fabulous and healthy food, the roaring pulse of the sea in the foreground…exactly what was needed to snap myself out of the fast paced, LA lifestyle. There is no moonlight this evening, and it’s soooo dark and calming…with so many stars. This place seems to bring out the brightness in all that it touches; from the staff, to the grounds, the buildings…and of course mother nature. It’s essential to be reminded that a better way of being exists. Enjoy future guests!”

Leah G.
“Life has been quite full here for these 12 glorious days, and I will take away memories of time well spent with wonderful people…the entire staff as well as other guests; of good movement and relaxation (including massages!), and of enjoyable moments of kayaking, bird watching, and of course my daily walks along the unspoiled beach. Serendipity has been the key word for my stay here at Present Moment, being able to encounter the beauty of like minded individuals of this amazing journey called life. manys thanks to all! Namaste”

Judith, Paris, France
“Dear future residents of ‘Intuition’…know this: The pavillion is within view, and 10 steps away, so you can do yoga after falling out of bed in the morning, you can dance the wild and lovely Nia, and you can Qigong in the pool…all without missing a beat! The restaurant /bar is yours. It will stay open all night if you desire, and if you retire early you can plug into your ipod zone, knowing that the outside world is only footsteps away. In this bungalow, you’ll hear the ocean at it’s best …trust me. The rocks by the Buddha are yours for the sitting..simply choose what to take and what to leave behind. Order the special every night, as you can’t go wrong. This place, this bungalow, is energized with a love so strong that you can feel the joy. It will continue to be this way if you sinply nurture it. Surf manzanillo Bay…just trust me on this one. Think ‘what is now’. Follow your own Intuition while being faithful and kind!”

Kevin NY, NY
“What a lovely time this has been! Thank you all for providing this space. Lakshmi is everywhere with her fullness and abundance. I loved sighting the whales swim by me on my first day here, and experiencing the delightful thunderstorm and the end of my stay. I feel spacious, full and content. With many thanks and grattitude for all of this beauty and grace. Namaste”

Alison, Travis and Jaden
“What a beautiful location! We enjoyed our stay here at Present Moment, and find ourselves truly living in the ‘moment’. The atmosphere is quite relaxing, while the yoga is exhilarating with each instructor bringing her own unique style. This was perfect for us, providing motivation to do a daily practice instead of once or twice per week. Thank you CJ, Tom, Amity and everyone else that helped to make our stay one that we will ALWAYS remember and cherish. Hope to see you again…maybe next year!”

Jeri & Grant Reno, Nevada
“My goodness, time just flies when you’re in heaven! My time at PMR has been so relaxing that I am finding it very difficult to leave. Tom, CJ, Leela and Peter…and the many other wonderful hosts have helped to make me feel like a natural part of their family, and for this I am so grateful. I do not want to leave, but I know that I will soon return!”

Tracey Parent, Virginia
“To anyone who will encounter Present Moment, and Troncones Beach…be aware! The people and places that you will experience may just ignite your inner light, leaving you changed forever! Much love and grace”


“Good morning, Tom Given the fact that I did not have the opportunity to say goodbye before my departure, allow me to express my appreciation. What a wonderful place that you have conceptualized, created, and subsequently offered to others. Amazing. I’m definitely returning before this year’s end, and have already recommended Present Moment to many others, and I will soon be contributing comments/photos to travel networks. Thank you so much for sharing your home, lifestyle, friends and family with me. Thank you again and I’ll be seeing you soon. Please pass along my best wishes to CJ and Jolene…such beautiful women! Best”

Kelly Minor
“Present moment is a place full of love, flowing with positive energy, enveloped with peace. The PMR family; Natalie, Alejandra, the entire staff…especially Tom and CJ…opened their hearts to us and we will keep them there forever. We’re grateful to have found an addition to our family…Ganesha…who will serve as a constant reminder of our blessed time here at Present Moment. We look forward to returning soon, and often, to experience this amazing place of peace again and again. Of course, we must mention the joy that was experienced with the rest of our animal friends; Kenya, Tuk, Beau and Gringo…this delightful experience would not have been complete without them! Much love- Namaste! P.S. thank you for making our 10 year wedding annivserary so magical. The cuisine and ambiance was exquisite, and the overall evening magnificent!”

Jean and Stu Redondo Beach, Ca.

“Any sense of time has simply disappeared here in paradise. Present Moment is a completely unique experience…so full of love, positive energy, compassion…I found it here with you. Congratulations Tom, CJ, Jolene, Natalie and Armando; you truly make this place remarkable. This is a great example of doing what you enjoy, what you know, and what your dreams are about. Keep up the beautiful work and love to you all!” 

Stephanie, Paris, France

“All that we have experienced at Present Moment was like heaven on earth! Love to all”

Andy and Lisa

“Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Tom & CJ, and all of the wonderful staff here at Present Moment. It was truly a blessing to have met them and so randomly at that! Being here was the icing on the cake of our entire experience in Mexico. The tranquility, serenity of PMR instills a strong the feeling of peace, and in the words which CJ spoke, ‘everything is perfect in each moment, as it is the way it is’. I can only wish that you can experience the peace and love that we did while staying with you.” 

Jessie James, Singapore

“1st evening: I really enjoyed meeting everyone (Tom, the staff, and teachers) all so friendly and welcoming. 2nd day: Relaxing into it; enjoyed sharing life experiences with new friends. We are all one, and as we live from a place of love, so can God’s love work through us in the Universe. 3rd day: 8am meditation class; learning how to breathe harmony into my life. 4th day: Very powerful learning experiences. 5th day: Fabulous massage and water qigong with Peter…thanks, I feel great! 6th day: Less is more…thanks Natalie! 7th day: Alejandro guided me on yet another life changing experience; overcoming my fear of the ocean and going kayaking in the wild for hours. Existence is a gift. 8th day: Cocktail hour turned into ‘smoothie’ hour. Layers of stress are melting off. Everything that I need is within my spirit…within myself. 9th and 10th days: I’ve lost all track of time. Fully present and forever grateful. Love always”


“I don’t even know the date!! That is how blissfully Zen I feel. Present Moment is such a treasure in my life. I have received so much; a deeper understanding of my self, my soul and how to nurture her better. I have enjoyed a buoyed strength, and a cleansing. I’ve experienced new friends, fabulous feelings of tranquility…I love floating here! May God, Goddesses, all that is, truly bless you kindred spirits continuously. Thank you, and a big hug to you. Love”

Anandi (Susan), Los Angeles

“CJ and Tom Thank you for creating this space, and modeling a business with the intention to create beauty, to nurture the spirit and to help people live their best selves. Several months ago I drafted my personal mission mantra that reads:Today and everyday, I stand in my center
Arriving fully into my own and authentic self.
Today and everyday, I walk on my path
Doing my soul’s work with guidance from spirit.
Today and everyday, I make choices, I have response-ability
To create and live with intention.
Today and everyday, I live in gratitude
with joy, and in playfulness I see the human and love fully.
So that on the last day, I will come home
Having lived my best life, self realized and community impacted.
And that this earth was bettered for my having lived. Thank you for creating a space that helped me deepen and recommit to my mission mantra. My best to you both, and to the staff. I hope to come back again soon. Sincerely”

Christina Hulet

“Present Moment is a place full of love, flowing with positive energy, enveloped with peace. The Present Moment family; Natalie, Jolene, the entire restaurant staff, and especially Tom & CJ; opened their hearts to us and we will keep them forever in ours. We are grateful to have found an addition to our family, Ganesha the puppy, who will remind us of our blessed time here everyday. We look forward to returning soon and hopefully often, to experience this amazing place of peace again. Of course we cannot fail to mention the joy that we experienced with the remaining members of the family; pooches Kenya, Tuk, Bo and Gringo…the amazing experience would not have been complete without them! Much love Namaste! P.S. Thanks again for making our 10th anniversary so magical. The meal was exquisite and the overall evening was magnificent!”

Jean and Stu Redondo Beach, Ca.

“My teacher at Present Moment says something during his yoga class along the lines of, ‘check to see where you are now, and how you felt when you first came to class.’ Since I first walked through the gates of PM, the peacefulness, great food, wonderful people, birds, the ocean, water fountain and all of the rest that make this a paradise which has transformed me. It’s hard to ‘slow down’ in everyday life, so it’s especially nice to have a place to go that helps. Thanks to all at Present Moment, particularily Simon and Marion, with their magic touch. Wherever you are…smile! Namaste”

Carla Boston, Ma.

“If the only prayer we say in this world in “thank you”, we say this prayer to you many times over. Thank you for your love, light and passion. Thank you for making a difference. Om”

Shanti. Anita & Matthew

“Truly an amazing place! CJ has a distinct calm and happiness about her that exudes onto the entire experience. We came as three friends and all of our bodies and minds have been restored throughout this trip! We have met many people, both staff and fellow travelers, whom we will keep in contact with. I cannot imagine a better way go to sleep each night than listening to the sound of the waves. It may take a day to settle into the flow, but once you do, you’ll never want to leave. We will miss our new found friends…both human and furry! We cannot wait to visit again! Namaste”

Cindy, Jen and Kristy aka Water Yoginis

“Present Moment allowed us to live life as it’s supposed to be in each moment. You leave behind everything that complicates life (Telephones, TV’s, computers, etc.), and enjoy the beauty of this special place. The entire package couldn’t be better. Aside from great yoga and excellent food; we are surrounded by very special people that made us feel safe and cozy. Aloha, see you next time.”

Dania and David Drewlow, Encinitas, Ca.

“‘Present Moment’ really sums up the vibe of this place! Great food, tasty drinks, unforgettable view, amazing setting…I’m livin’ in the moment! Let it live on”

Andy Mulle

“Tom…how are you?! Natalie and I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your entire staff for the amazing vacation that we experienced at your resort. From the moment that we arrived, we knew that this was the PERFECT spot for us. The bungalows impeccably clean and beautifully appointed…the grounds manicured… and your staff was gracious. We loved the fact that it was so peaceful and quiet, a much needed getaway from NY city life! It was also a pleasure hanging out with you the last night that we were there, the perfect ending to our trip. We look forward to seeing you guys again in the near future! Regards”

Ari Starkman

“Thank you for creating such an amazing place for us to come and ‘be present’. It’s been a long time, years actually, that I have visited some place that I did not want to leave, and I will be back very, very soon with some goodies for us to play with! You are both so special, and your energy and calm transcends time and space. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t change a thing! Can’t wait to be back…Sat Nam and all my love”


“After a life that rarely gives us the time to enjoy a lazy Sunday together, a week here has rated an easy ’12’ on a scale of 1-10 regarding vacations. It took us both a couple of days to admit that we didn’t need any sort of schedule- and that it might be as easy as, “hungry?”…eat, “tired?”…sleep. It’s so rare to find oneself somewhere that offers days that can be either full and active, or blissfully empty; depending on how the mood strikes you. We high recommend the kayaking tour! Thank you for the delicious food, the yoga, the massages, the setting- and most of all for the constant reminders to relax! Our first day was full of “what are we gonna do for a week?” Our last day leaves us with the knowledge that it’s not about doing, it’s about remembering to be. We look forward to returning! Best”

Kate & Jen

“With all tipsy hilarity aside; his has been a beautiful week. I feel so welcome, accepted and free to do exactly what I want! The energy here is lovely because of the amazing people, not to mention the gorgeous scenery! Special thanks to CJ, Tom, my dear Fernando and the incredible Murachi…and of course, Marian; I’m in love (again)! The laughter has been gigantic…I’m now laughing in Spanish! Many thanks”


“Easily the best vacation that I’ve ever had. Great place, awesome setting and a blissful and spiritual atmosphere. Thank you Tom, CJ and staff. We’ve enjoyed every moment here and we’ll definitely visit again (hopefully they’ll add direct flights from New York!). CJ’s classes were exceptionally spiritual and well organized. Thank you; thank you…many more times! Om shanty- Love always”

Natasha and Olga, NYC

“This was my first visit to Troncones- what a magical place. I feel grateful for meeting the fabulous people at Present Moment- both the staff and guests. ‘Serenity’, my bungalow, is quite a tranquil setting. Check out the view from the shower…magnifique! Several things that you should do while you’re here: Qigong with Peter, Kayaking, 90 minute massage…and the afternoon yoga is the perfect way to to bring day into noght. Thanks to the staff at Present moment for your loving care. Namaste”

Meredith Cohn

“So I didn’t want to wait until my last day to express my heartfelt gratitude for this place…this perfect place! I never thought that such a picture perfect oasis of sea, sun, green & blue, smiles, joy and tequila could exist anywhere other than in my imagination. It is so special here, and I feel honored to have been a part even just once in my lifetime. (I’ll make every effort to make it more than once!) Okay…enough praising; I’m going swimming now.”


“This “retreat” from the other world, I realize, has been my most freeing experience. We are all gathered here celebrating one another and this New Year; and what a perfect way to do so! Both guests and staff are such special people, and I’m certain that Present Moment, your creation, combined with your energy, will bring the very best out of your guests. Thank you. Love”

Brook San Diego, Ca.

“We experienced a most harmonious time…you selected the perfect bungalow for us! This was truly the VERY best vacation that we’ve taken so far, and I’m certain that we’ll return in the not too distant future. The place- the people- the food- the overall spirit…so fine. Thank you for manifesting your dream, and for sharing it with those of us who chose to come. Blessings to all of you!”

Brook, Lin and Pat, San Diego/St. Louis

“I look around at the beauty that surrounds me. I think about how wound up I felt when I came here, and how my life is magically better. Little by little something creeps in when you are not looking. I cannot say enough about the attention to detail that I experienced at Present Moment…the bungalows, the beds, the design, the flowers and meandering paths, and the special attention the staff pays to your heart, soul and spirit. This is a place to return time after time. Tom and CJ have unique gifts, and the uncanny ability to share them. You’ll always feel special here! Thanks so much; you will always be in my heart!”


“Wonderful place for a yoga retreat…being in the Present Moment. My blessings go out to you. What a delightful place to stay longer and enjoy the yoga, qigong, and Thai massage. The here are fabulous; excellent food, lots of love, compassion, flowers and judt meeting new friends. I will be back. Spirit brought me here for a reason. This truly is a home away from home. Namaste”

Janis Tate, The Tate Yoga Farm

“Many blessings for Present Moment. This is what life is about! Exquisite! I am blessed! Thank you CJ and Tom for creating such a wonderful retreat. Throughout this week, I have truly been transformed; through yoga, massage, healthly cuisine, atmosphere and amazing guests…I couldn’t have designed a better vacation! I’m going home a renewed person…completely revitalized. This is indeed a magical place. I am looking forward to my future trips. Thank you and all of my love”

Cindy Storms

“It is wonderful to be here, looking at the Ocean, eating amazing cuisine, while the moon shines it’s silver light across the clouds in the sky, the sound of the surf meeting the shore, is it the background or the foreground?!, a gathering at the fire pit on the beach and Berta beaming with a beautiful smile next to me…a very good start for a wonderful holiday! A heartfelt thanks to everyone that made this possible.”


“The boss said, “get some R&R, my treat!” I googled R&R (some inventions are really cool!), found Present Moment…booked the 1st week of January…and on this eve of my return to America, home of the brave, the word ‘Relaxed’ does not begin to describe my mental and physical being. Rested?…definately yes! The gratitude I have for my boss is now brilliant…I can only imagine the best way to thank him is to give this exact same gift to another…somehow, some day…what a present! Note to self: This would be an ideal gift to self.”

Larry Butler

“Tom, Peter and all who treated us so very well. From beginning to end, we greatly enjoyed your hospitality and kindness. We have felt welcomed and comfortable far beyond the scenic landscape that is Present Moment. Our engagement dinner was perfect…thanks again for providing such a serene atmosphere. And the ’98 Dom…will never forget the Dom! You guys (and gals) made it so very special. We’ll see you again…down the road. Much love and happiness”

Josh and Lia

“What an experience! We feel so blessed and privileged for being here. Thank you for bringing so much happiness and joy out from our hearts. I treasure this moment and I’m certain that it will live in my heart always…We honor and celebrate your lives CJ, Tom, Peter and Leela.”

Claudia and Roberto

“Tom & CJ, The fullness of life is in opening your heart to the wonder of it. The richness of life is to give back, and to share with others. The joy of life is bringing it all together. Opening your heart is saying ‘my life is better because you are in it.’ Thank you for being in my life.”


“When a rhythm and flow overtake; surrender.
Save it for the following push, relentless and sure.
The beat is eternal, ageless and mature
So wait your turn for the pure here; shake the pretender
Thanks to all who provide the reminder?”

Sol, Montana

“I am so grateful for my entire experience here. The whole opportunity start to finish was exactly as it should be. Thank you, Tom, for doing such a great job marketing this beautiful haven and for sharing it with the world. CJ was who first attracted me with her knowledge and background in yoga and dance. She is an example of one who lives yoga! I feel so blessed to have had the time to study with her, visit with her, dance with her. Thank you all for sharing the beautiful aspects of yourselves with me. I am leaving feeling refreshed, renewed…full of love and blessings. With love and gratitude”


“We’ve been here every day- all week long and have loved every minute! Tom’s massage transformed me – The food was exceptional – Outstanding in every way. . .we cannot wait to return!” 

Sherry and Jim, Santa Barbara, California

“What is the best? All of it equally! Calm & peaceful, natural surroundings, congenial staff – everyone goes by their first name, creating a sense of comfort and home. The food is out of this world. . .delicate and bold at the same time. Quite an act to taste each flavor distinctively. Thank you for all the goodness. Special thanks to Jose and Orbe for being such good waiters!”


“Gracias! This was spectacular! We came for happy hour, had the most amazing watermelon daiquiris & pinas! Then we had the mango guacamole. . .unbelievable! We left but couldn’t find anywhere that we thought would be as good for dinner so we returned. The snapper was just PERFECT. . .we’ll definitely be back. I am a yogi and I plan on taking classes here as well. We’re so glad that you are here!” 

Kristi and Craig

“This was our last evening in Troncones and it was just right! The sunset, the mojitos, the magnificent view, sweet breezes, the gentle left point breaks. . .and was before we took our first bite of our meal. The tastes were surprising and sensual. . .pure bliss. Muchas gracias for the generous spirit!” 

Stephanie Allen and Stacey Perlta, Santa Monica, California

“What an amazing place! Hands down the most consistent and delicious food that we’ve experienced in a long time! You’ve all made our time here in Troncones very special- our week long anniversary was treated with obvious care, and we appreciated the genuine commitment. I’m sensing a food network special soon! Muchas gracias!”

Todd and Denise, Walnut Creek, California

“Happy Anniversary to us! Thank you so much for making our 5th year celebration so incredible! We came to Troncones for our honeymoon 5 years ago, and wanted to return. We came back with high expectations. . .and you’ve definitely exceeded them! Thank you all”

Nathaniel and Joy, Belgium

“No words can explain the importance of my time at Present Moment to my life and I wanted you all to know that. I wish we had had more time to say our goodbyes on Saturday afternoon before Kerry and I left. But I suppose things were as they were meant to be. I can’t express how much of a shock it was coming back into the states after having such a self-aware and peaceful week. However, I am beginning to adjust and starting to look upon the future with a new eagerness and motivation I have not had in a long time. Spending time with all of you has reminded me of what is most important to my life as well as memories of past experiences that have also inspired and created a forgotten happiness. Present Moment will always be among these memories. I want to thank you again for such a wonderful time at your retreat and hope that all goes well with you in the future. I hope to hear from all of you and I will send some pictures soon.”


“To all at Present Moment, It is a bitter sweet night, as it is the best and the most special time of our vacation, but also our last. . .this time. We plan on returning next year and partaking in even more Present Moment magic! Your bodywork cured our Mom, our surfer, our teacher; your sensitivity nourished our souls and touched our hearts, your food. . .well it was the most amazing meal we’ve ever eaten!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your gracious hospitality and heartfelt sincerity. We look forward to sharing the moment with you all again VERY soon! Hasta Luega y Gracias!” 

Maureen and Bruce Taylor, Humboldt Co, California

“Open and intimate . . . this describes the Wisdom bungalow, and our hosts, who have become our dear friends. Thank you – The grounds are exquisite, the bungalows filled with comfort. I just loved opening my door and seeing the fresh picked flowers on my luxuriously cozy bed.”


“Hi Tom, I needed to send you an email to say thank you for an extraordinary experience. So many feelings and images from my time at Present Moment fill my mind each day. It’s difficult to keep that same sense of calm and contentment for very long, but having that as a reference to think back to is truly a gift. The kindness, openness, and nurturing I received from all of you has touched me deeply and inspires me toward that end each day. I can’t wait to come back… Namaste”

Jacqueline Neuwirth

“Having been to some of the most serene corners of the world, we believe that you’ve truly created a haven of calmed perfection. The food is extraordinary, the atmosphere mysterious and tranquil. An evening sunset through the palms…waves crashing into a perfection of the senses, while my wife and I are enjoying the peacefulness of each other. Your vision is a great gift to our vacation and we thank you for a wonderful time.” 

Todd and Rachel – Big Sky Montana

“We love the atmosphere that you’ve created here. The exquisite combination of gourmet food, spectacular and serene setting, and the infectious positive attitude of all who work here, have combined to make the present moments we spent here wonderful. We look forward to coming back and sharing more with you soon…”

The Seaver Family…Chris, Julie, Gabriel, Lilly and Emilia

“Imagine finding this paradise??? Best wishes to Tom & Taylor on this most wonderful endeavor. Enjoy- you’ve brought much joy and pleasure to others!”

Debore, Michael, Taylor & Travis Price, Menlo Park, California