Our Staff

‘Through your love for each other, through learning the art of making one person happy, you learn to express your love for the whole of humanity and all beings.
Please help us develop the curriculum for the institute for the happiness of one person.
Don’t wait until we open the school.
You can begin practicing right away.’
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Thomas William Morisette, Founder
Thomas is a skilled and determined entrepreneur responsible for the creation of Present Moment. His background in fine art and design, coupled with a lifelong passion for indigenous culture, has inspired the manifestation of this beautifully-detailed environment.

Tom is continually enhancing the guest experience by creating stunning landscape designs, providing expert communications, offering unmatched guest relations and by sourcing many of the international artifacts and stylish wearables available in the boutique.

CJ Ananda Page, Co-founder

As one of the creators of Present Moment Retreat, CJ spent several years dreaming and journaling about creating a sacred space for healing and transformation. As this dream became a reality, she realized the power of creation and manifestation, and now uses these skills to dream her world into being with great gratitude every day. Prior to Present Moment, CJ had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented therapists and consultants in the industries of health, wellness, and beauty, through her global marketing position at the Aveda Corporation in Minneapolis. Currently, she manages Present Moment’s health and wellness division, and facilitates the Yoga Teacher Training Courses held at Present Moment. As a passionate instructor, you’ll find her teaching and coordinating a variety of yoga, meditation, and movement classes. She is also greatly skilled in the areas of Thai yoga massage, shamanic energy healing and spiritual counseling. CJ is a national champion gymnast and a skilled choreographer with Bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Science, Psychology and Dance from Gustavus Adolphus College.

Taylor Morisette, BCTMBE, CNMT, CYT-200 Co-Founder & Operational Leader

Taylor is a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and self-proclaimed “anatomy nerd.” Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2013, with an Associates degree in Applied Science for Massage Therapy. Post graduation, he immediately took a continuing education course, becoming a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist. Taylor was introduced to working with fascial lines during his NMT training, and continues to study, practice, and integrate myofascial techniques into sessions with clients. He is very dedicated to continuing education and practicing with the highest standard of ethics and professionalism. Taylor has a technical style he describes as “anatomically precise,” and the goal of promoting maximum function to the soft-tissue structures of the body. He specializes in “shoulder work,” often restoring range-of-motion to his clients’ shoulder joints that have previously been adversely affected, in regard to the individuals activities-of-daily- living. Taylor’s work is extremely intentional – inspiring the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Complementing his background in bodywork, Taylor is a yoga instructor and practitioner – guiding students of all levels through Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga classes. Combining yoga with healing touch, he has recently developed a juicy new sequence dubbed “massage-asana.” His personal practice includes a wide-variety of styles, with roots in Ashtanga Yoga. He studies an array of subjects that are holistic in nature, and is an avid supporter of the “Healing Arts.” Taylor believes that there is an opportunity to learn, teach, and grow in every moment.
Wether it be bodywork or yoga, sessions with Taylor are always customized to fit the individual needs of his clients. His main goal when working with people is to promote positive change to occur – physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual – change that will continue to unfold with time.

Taylor began working in the restaurant/hospitality industry at the age of sixteen. He immersed himself into the culture of health and wellness long before establishing himself in the field of complementary & alternative medicine. At the age of twenty-five, along-side his father – Tom Morisette – and CJ Ananda Page, he co-founded Present Moment Retreat. In 2012, he completed his first yoga-teacher-training with School of Yoga Institute – embarking on a life-long journey, a dream, to integrate his experience as a restaurateur with an education in health and wellness.

In addition to his commitment to making a positive impact on the health and well- being of people, Taylor is very passionate about the well-being of animals, especially dogs. Taylor believes, “Too many animals suffer, specifically in third world countries, many people simply don’t have the resources to provide the basic necessities that they need!” He wishes to one day have a non-profit animal sanctuary. He almost always has a foster dog that he is personally sponsoring, and often rehabilitating. To date, he has fostered and found “forever homes,” for a countless number of dogs in need. Taylor is a big believer in Selfless Service, the Karmic Wheel, and paying-it-forward.

Needless to say, Present Moment Retreat is Taylor’s ideal platform to integrate his passions: teaching yoga, leading guided meditations, doing bodywork, writing menus, cooking, inspiring the team, “solutionizing,” interacting with guests, leading by example, doing personal practices, and finding homes for his foster dogs.

The more time I spend in a leadership role, the more I fall in love with the people I’m leading. I couldn’t dream of a place tailored better for me, pun intended!” -Taylor Morisette

Wellness Team

Arakai Moon
Arakai is originally from Portland, Oregon but has spent the last 6 years living in the jungles of Costa Rica. She is passionate about embodiment, an experienced martial artist (+20 years), an inspiring Astrologer, sound healer, detox facilitator, a RYT 500-certified yoga teacher and a highly skillful shamanic body worker.

Through her own transformational process, following a motorcycle accident, she dove into the healing arts – studying at the Traditional School of Thai Medicine, Naga Center and further apprenticing with masters and teachers around the world. Today Arakai offers Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese abdominal massage), Lomi-Lomi (an ancient Polynesian massage), Thai massage all blended with her gift of sound healing.

To Arakai bodywork is a life long journey of devotion and absolute worship:

“Lomi-Lomi is traditionally called Temple-style or Shamanic Bodywork. It is a deep journey into the presence of the Divine. A dance of elements that rapture you in a wave of unconditional love and carry you into a state of blissful surrender. This is an invitation to meet your edge of pain and resistance while simultaneously being held in full presence for release. 

The experience is a dance of alchemy between power and grace, masculine and feminine, water and fire. It is strong and deep, yet soothing and opening. Full Body strokes roll over you in a wave of coconut oil as we dive deep into the depths of the psyche, through the physical landscapes of the body. Here we bring awareness to the hidden places within, thus merging the realms of the subconscious and conscious – bringing healing to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. By unlocking the mysteries within the storage units of the body we can access the keys of healing and transformation. It is my greatest pleasure to share my passion with you, Thank you.”

Services provided by Arakai:
Astrology Natal Chart readings 60/90min, ‘The Juicy Fusion’ Lomi-Lomi Thai Fusion 120min/150min, Lomi-Lomi sessions 60/90/120min, Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese abdominal massage) 60min, Traditional Thai Massage 60/90/120min, Sound Healing and Cacao 60/90/120min, Nutrition and Detox Counseling 60/90min, Private Yoga and Martial Art Embodiment Classes 60/90/120min, Vinyasa Flow Yoga 90min, Gentle Yoga 90min

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Star Siren Astrology

Kat van Rooyen
South African born Kat van Rooyen is a proclaimed student of the Sacred. Combining knowledge of both Western and Eastern sciences she aspires to delve deeper into the understanding and experience of the Sacred though the body.

Following her degree in Science Kat traveled to India where she was first introduced to Hatha yoga, Pranayama, and Reiki energetic healing. Inspired by her experiences with Reiki and Pranayama (the yoga of breathing), she completed a Thesis though the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide in Australia focused on the effect of specific breathing patterns on the heart’s parasympathetic control.

Kat is RYT 500 level-certified vinyasa yoga teacher, and a Master Level Reiki teacher and practitioner with over 8 years of experience. In March 2017 she arrived back in Troncones to join our wellness team as a healer, providing Reiki energetic healing, vinyasa yoga and gentle restorative yoga with a qi-gong flare.

Kat is currently based in Mexico and enjoys the local surf spots, connecting with people, adventure and maintaining a lighthearted attitude!

Services provided by Kat:
Reiki Energetic Healing 60min, Reiki Training Level 1/Level 2/Level 3, Decision Time Tarot Card Readings 60min, Tree of Life Tarot Card Readings 60min/90min, Vinyasa Flow Yoga 90min, Restorative Yoga 90min, Private Yoga Classes 60/90/120min

Karen McMullen
We hope you’ll join Karen for a themed vinyasa flow to bring you home to your natural state of breath, presence and lightness. You can expect a theme that brings you into intimate contact with yourself, a pace that encourages your sensual awareness and a slow finish so that you melt, release and surrender. Or, come to one of her Gentle Classes. Karen offers a restorative style class, using plenty of props to support your muscles to be able to release and relax. She loves to use adjustments and healing touch to help students release even further into the pose.

Aside from being a Certified Yoga Alliance teacher, Karen has in-depth training in Body-Mind Psychology through the Hendricks Institute. She has been working as a body-centred Life Coach for the past 8 years as her full-time business, guiding her clients into the deep experience of their body. She does it because it works! She has found that working with breath and movement in the physical body is the fastest path to transforming long-held, conditioned patterns.

Her yoga practice is informed by a love of Iyengar, Ashtanga and most recently, Dharma yoga practice. All three of those styles are quite intense, so she prefers to bring more gentleness into the practice. Her intention in her home practice and the classes that she offers is that the breath and movement are nourishing and not depleting.

How Karen ended up in troncones: two years ago she had created the success of her dreams. Live your Genius Inc., her business devoted to helping Leaders to discover and express their Genius, was bringing in an average of $15K monthly. She had an art-filled, cozy and beautifully decorated home in the Rocky Mountains, a great relationship, lots of free-time for skiing, and was networked with the most awesome, successful Leaders in the Transformational Leadership industry. She was considering scaling to the next level when she stopped and noticed that despite having achieved the outward “Success” she’d desired, and worked to achieve…she mostly just wanted to lie on the couch.

She felt discontent, empty and drained! Why create more of the same? Her dissatisfaction with the illusion of Success lead her into a radical experiment with surrender, truth and freedom. She spent 2 years living mostly like a monk and learning rare tools to live truly and freely…without having to sacrifice to create financial security.

In the process, she sold her stuff, ended the relationship she was in and moved to Troncones where she now divides her time between the beach and magical hillside strawbale house on a permaculture orchard. Life and business are simpler.

Services provided by Karen:
Vinyasa Flow Yoga 90min, Restorative Yoga 90min, Private Yoga Classes 60/90/120min

Karen’s website:

Maya DeGabrielle
If Maya were to be described in one word, it would be passion. She has an effervescent zest for life, exploring, and sharing that transmutes fluidly into her teaching both on and off the mat and in the water as well. She believes strongly in a life of living art; guiding others to effortlessly weave their dreams and unique gifts into the most intricate tapestry of authenticity and as a collective gift to the world.

Maya is a lover of movement- she finds freedom though yoga, dancing, surfing, hands on healing, traveling, and spending time in the sea. She has made this love her offering on a global scale.

Having both studied and taught all over the world, Maya’s teaching style is unique fusion embodying her greatest inspirations from each place and person along her journey. For the past four years Maya has been based in Indonesia, sharing her teachings and healing practices while hosting transformational vision quest surf/ yoga retreats as well as women’s activation retreats on the island of Ibiza. She has also taught in India, Peru, South Africa, Australia, the U.S, Portugal, and Costa Rica. She owns her own business called “Sundah” in Costa Rica where she teaches yoga, SUP yoga, paddle board, and surfing as well as offering massages.

She is inspired by sustainability and creating a future with a minimal footprint. Maya’s dream is to build her own fully sustainable retreat centre in Costa Rica for people to come and align with their deepest selves while connecting to nature and community. Maya met CJ, the co-founder of Present Moment in 2016 while running a yoga retreat in Bali and was so excited to realize how similar Present Moment felt to her own dream. So a year later, she is thrilled to be joining the team at Present Moment and learning and sharing alongside other motivated healers and yogis.

Find Maya for a spiritually enlivened, playful and creative yoga class in the studio or on the stand up paddle board. Otherwise, take a deep breathe and let it all go as she carries you into a state of deep relaxation in one of her yin yoga classes or perhaps a choice of thai or balinese massage.

Services provided by Maya:
Balinese Deep-Tissue Massage 60/90min, Traditional Thai Massage 60/90min, Bali-Thai Combo 120min, Private Yoga Classes 60/90/120min, Vinyasa Flow Yoga 90min, Gentle Yoga 90min

Michelle Helfner
Michelle spent years working as an artist, waitress and even corporate investigator before listening to the clear voice in her heart guiding her into alternative medicines. While in New York, in 2001, she first studied massage and was quickly guided to a Master’s in Chinese Medicine. Those inspired messages are a constant blessing in how she works and shares her love of the healing arts. In 2008 she came to Guatemala for a change in perspective and was changed on every level; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She moved to San Marcos and to attend the a meditation center to study esoteric metaphysics. Michelle continues to work with the center visiting every year for a few months, her studies there included hermetic kabbala, tarot, numerology, lucid dreaming and astral traveling, astrology, yoga, fasting and periods of silent meditation. In San Marcos, she also had the opportunity to study and teach at a therapy center. She was also lead by her heart to receive her 200hr yoga teacher certification from the School of Yoga Institute at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Santiago. During these studies and being surrounded her Mayan culture and traditional ceremonies she became deeply interested in the Shamanic aspects of acupuncture. During her first drumming ceremony the vision of herself as a drummer was clear and so began her own exploration as a guide for other into the non-ordinary realities. Whether through acupuncture, massage, energy work or sound she believes that through providing a safe and sacred space, each person, through their own experience can explore other realities and understandings of well-being. In this space they have a stronger ability to heal and become their truest selves. Michelle met our co-founder, CJ Ananda, in Guatemala in 2010 and was invited to Present Moment Retreat.

Michelle now resides between Mexico, Guatemala, and the East Coast of the United States. She has been an integral part of our wellness team for 6 seasons now.

She is on The Bhakti yoga path of devotional love. She likes to read, meditate, enjoy the beach, nature and spend time with family and friends.

Services provided by Michelle:
Shamanic Acupuncture 120min, Acupuncture 60min, Flow/relaxation massage 60/90min, Chakra Balance with Crystals and Sound Healing 60/90 min, Cranial Sacral 60min, Combo session 90min, Cacao Ceremonies 90min

Michelle’s websites :
www.michellehelfner.wordpress.com and www.facebook.com/Infinitluv



Natalie Ritenour
Natalie is a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist who has been spreading the light for Present Moment Retreat since 2007, specializing in Thai Massage, which she refers to as “applied yoga”. In one session of this amazing two hour treatment one can experience what may take years of a personal practice in yoga to build up to. She promotes it as one of the deepest forms of meditation, both for the receiver (moon) and the practitioner (sun). It’s the body and mind’s ultimate way to restore itself back to its natural state of union. There is no better place besides Thailand to experience this practice.

Originally trained in India, she has studied classical Raja and Hatha Yoga at her ashram in Nasik, Maharashtra. She has spent about one year total in India seeking the ancient wisdom. She has led retreats and adventure wellness vacations in Mexico, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. Each year she returns, to Chiang Mai, Thailand to continue her studies of Thai Yoga Massage to bring back different therapeutic techniques to share with you! Visit her website of www.thailandwellnessadventures.com to find out about her next yoga trip!

Natalie is also one of our local surf guides and can help you find a practice on the mat as well in the ocean! She looks forward to working with you and guiding you on your soul’s journey.

Services provided by Natalie:
Private Yoga Class 90min, Circulatory Table Massage 60/90/120min, Thaï Massage 60/90/120/180min, Cupping 60min, Thai Acupuncture 60 min, Reiki Session 60min, Earlybird Yoga for Surfers 60min, Therapeutic Rope Yoga 60min, Qi Gong 60min, Surf Lessons and Tours

Natalie’s website:


Brianne McKenzie
Brianne is from Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. She obtained a Doctorate of Chiropractic from The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto and a Biomedical Neurofunctional Electroacupuncture certification from McMaster University in Hamilton in 2014. During that same year, she was selected to appear on the Bachelor Canada reality television show, and decided instead to take the 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training and Reiki Levels 1-3 at Present Moment Retreat. In January 2016 she came back in Troncones to join our wellness team as a healer, providing chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy and reiki. She also teaches gentle and vinyasa yoga.

Brianne enjoys living a life full of adventures, traveling, studying with healers from around the world, surfing, reading and playing soccer. Guiding her fellow human beings to tap into their own ability to heal and inspiring others to live their lives with a little more ease and peace through yoga with a lighthearted attitude are her greatest passions.

Services provided by Brianne:
Rehabilitation sessions 60min, Private classes/Yoga therapy for injuries: 90min, Chiro Assessments/Treatments 60min, Neuromuscular Integration 120min, Massage Therapy 60/90/120min, Coaching and Counselling 60/90/120min, Reiki Session 60min, Vinyasa Flow Yoga 90min, Gentle Yoga 90min

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Katie Randall
Katie is a native Minnesotan and met our Co-Founder CJ Ananda at the Minneapolis Yoga Conference in 2014. She has joined the Kula Collective on their Shamanic retreats the last two years in Peru and was invited to join the team at Present Moment.

Over the last 15-years Katie has been a practicing Yoga from a variety of lineages and has spent the last 6 years teaching Yoga in the Caribbean and in Washington D.C. She began practicing for the physical benefits of having a regular practice only to discover the depth of spiritual evolution that was taking place as her practice evolved. After experiencing trauma and PTSD in early 2012, Katie turned to Yoga Therapy as a means to connect back with her true nature. She received her Master of Science in Yoga Therapy shorty after and has been practicing Bodywork and Yoga Therapy since. Over the last couple of years she has worked with Plant medicine and teachers in Peru that have guided her in developing her work as a Shamanic Energy Practitioner and Bodyworker. Katie is highly attuned to energy and her sessions offer an experience that relaxes and revitalizes the body through removing blockages, bringing the body, mind and Spirit into a more balanced state. Katie sees the essence of the Divine within each Being she shares space with, and has a passion for sharing in the Sacred nature that resides in and around us all. She has a passion for Social Justice work in the Healing arts and holds deep reverence for Mother Earth. Her life’s work is informed by these passions.

She encourages students and clients to come from a curious mind, reframing judgments we so often have towards ourselves and others. In this way, we become more accepting, allowing our experiences in Life to come from a place of Love.

Services Provided by Katie:
Shamanic Energy Healing 60/90min., Yoga Therapy 60/90/120min., Private Yoga Class 90min., Shamanic Energy Healing w/ Massage 60/90/120min., Wellness Coaching and Counseling 60/90/120min.


Emily Henderson
Emily is a Wellness Practitioner originally from Vancouver, Canada. Since 2008, she has been an integral part of our wellness team for 8 seasons now, combining yoga and shamanism. She uses a compassionate and intuitive approach to help people integrate their mind, body and soul to make change, create balance and find joy and passion in their lives. She works with guests to assist in gaining clarity to create balance in all facets of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through a holistic approach to wellness, she helps facilitate transformation and release blocks to clear the pathway to inner peace and ease in life. Her mission is to provide a safe and sacred space in which to help you enliven your body, stimulate your mind, express your emotions and renew your spirit.

Emily loves to say that she is a student of life and is drawn to helping others so she is continually reading, taking courses and working on herself so that she can be the change she wishes to see in the world. With more than 9 trainings as Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Deep Flow… she tailored each session specifically to your needs in the moment.

Emily blends a rich sense of humour with a gentle graciousness that allowed you to explore your life more meaningfully and thoroughly. She is able to take steps towards not only examining your lifestyle, but also taking actions towards achieving your goals in all areas of my life. She is passionate about learning, evolving, playing and flowing. She loves connecting with people, traveling and enjoying life’s adventures!

Services provided by Emily :
Coaching and Counselling 60/90/120min, Wellness Self Exploration 60min, Deep Flow 60/90/120min, Myofacial Release 60/90/120min, Swedish 60/90/120min, Relaxation 60/90/120min, Reflexology 60/90/120min, Reiki Session 60min, Reiki Training Level 1/Level 2/Level 3 (ART)/Master, Sacred Cacao & AUM Sound Ceremony 90/120min, Vinyasa Flow Yoga 90min, Gentle Yoga 90min

Emilie’s website:


Jess Rose
“Yoga will ruin your life,” Richard Freeman once famously quoted. For Jess Rose, this statement hits the nail on the head. Before yoga, Jess had a safe, clearly-defined life with a 9-5 job, and a circle of friends who got together once a week to chitchat about work and marriage–a good and easy life. But, in 2007, Yoga started creeping into Jess’ world and ruined the stable, automated life she had gotten so used to. Which was the best thing that could ever have happened to her. She transplanted to an Ashram in the foothills of India to immerse herself in daily 5 a.m. meditation, the powerful effects of chanting mantra and practicing kirtan, the selfless service of karma yoga, and the energetics of a strong physical asana practice coupled with pranayama and an ayurvedic diet.

From there, Jess’ cells were abuzz and her spirit was soaring, and she gave in to the powers that be by eschewing her full-time job to practice and teach yoga as well as make music and create a meaningful, expressive existence for herself in Europe. From her original training in India, Jess has gone on to become an RYT-500, and has undertaken trainings in Anusara, vinyasa flow, Jivamukti, and restorative yoga methods.
Jess has been teaching all over the world since 2012, basing herself in Berlin, Germany, but leading classes, workshops, and retreats throughout Europe, South America, and Africa, and having the honor of teaching thousands of students through her online programs on DoYouYoga.com.
Jess feels a deep connection to her Anusara roots, which translates into a powerful practice woven together with heart-themes, physical and energetic alignment principles, and just a touch of silliness. At the core of her teaching is the idea of an innate ‘goodness’ underlying everything we experience — from poses, to practices, to students, to ourselves, and life in general. Her yoga is not one of fixing problems or trying to escape reality. Instead, it is a way of opening to the magic and intrinsic goodness in all of life’s beauty, experiences, and pain. This worldview inspires Jess’s teaching and practice by allowing space for modifications for every student, inviting in individuality and personal expression, and creating a sense of inclusion and empathy into every breath, pose, and class.

You can join Jess’s meditation, vinyasa flow, and gentle yoga classes at the Present Moment through April 2017, practice online with her at DoYouYoga.com and join her teacher trainings in Indonesia and Thailand.

Services offered by Jess:
Meditation 30min, Vinyasa Flow Yoga 90min, Gentle Yoga 90min, Private Yoga Classes

Jess’ website:
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Jakie Zavalza
Jakie was born in Mexico and has been living a nomadic lifestyle for the past two years, mainly splitting her life between Mexico, The United States, Guatemala and Peru.
When she realized that the life that she was living in San Francisco wasn’t serving her anymore she decided to take some time off and do a 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training by Kula Collective in Present Moment. That’s how she discovered Present Moment almost three years ago. Her time with us was incredibly transformational and profoundly healing. She found the strength to make the necessary changes in her life and the inspiration to start following her dreams and live a life with purpose.

Since 2014, she works around 3 months seasonally.

She is passionate about life, travel, diving deep into the human consciousness and leading a life that reflects your highest potential. She believes that everyone comes with a unique purpose in life, and the process of discovering and fulfilling that purpose fascinates her. She found her connection in Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism, Mysticism and other spiritual practices. And her hope is to inspire others to live the life that has always waited to be lived by them.
Jakie attained her Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3 by Jean Ferris and Emily Henderson, a Thai Massage course by Randi Schiffman and studied metaphysics, Astrology, Kabalah and Tarot by the retreat center Piramides del Ka in Guatemala.

Services provided by Jakie:
Restorative Yoga and Morning Vinyasa Flow 90min, Crystal Reiki infused with Egyptian Energy Techniques 60/75min, Tree of Life Tarot Card Readings 45 min


Vivienne Simchowitz
Vivienne was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a true “Renaissance Woman” and a holistic pioneer. She began studying Yoga and metaphysics at the age of 12.
She has studied with master teachers from India including Ashtanga Yoga with Pattabhi Jois and Shamanic Healing with Native American Shamans. Vivienne holds an International Teaching Credential and a Masters Degree in Transformational Psychology. She studied Pilates with a teacher trained in Joseph Pilates’ original studio in New York City.

For 40 years, Vivienne has been giving Astrology and Tarot Readings. She has taught yoga, therapeutic movement, rhythmic dance, and breathwork. She created her own intuitive and dance journey through the chakra. Her experiences include a wide range of prestigious international centers: The Beverly Hills Country Club in California, the Studio Maui in Hawaii, The One&Only Resort in Cape Town and Kalani Honua Cultural Center Hawaii for 12 years.

Vivienne is also a flutist. She has performed and recorded with Madala Kunene, who represented South Africa at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Her CD BellaV was voted no.2 on the Internet Charts. She uses her live flute music in her classes and retreats.

Last March Vivienne discovered Present Moment on the internet while looking into places to share her gifts and talents. Since November she offers Soul Readings, including Astrology and Tarot and Chakra activation, clearing and alignment combined with Breathwork. Every Monday night she plays Bossa Nova and Latin Jazz with Alfredo Moya at our restaurant and teaches a Pilates class on Wednesday.

Services offered by Vivienne:
Soul Readings including Astrology and Tarot 120min, Relationship Readings including Astrology and Tarot 120min, Chakra activation – clearing and alignment combined with breathwork and reflexology 90min, Therapeutic Dance Journey through the Chakras 90min, Pilates 60min, Full moon & New Moon African Dance party, Private Pilates Class 90min, Private Ashtanga Yoga Class 90min.

Vivienne’s Website:


Cameron Moffatt
Cameron is a graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, a member of the Society for the Promotion of Manual Practice Osteopathy and a teacher at Pacific Rim College in Victoria.
Cameron is passionate about offering patient-centered treatments that focus on the individual’s unique needs, helping them achieve optimum health and expression of joy through mindful living, while not treating symptoms. He looks more deeply into the person as a whole being to find the underlying cause of the dysfunction. He does this through Osteopathy using manual therapy and natural based remedies, both physiological and energetic.
Cameron has been a marathon and triathlete competitor and for the last 20 years has studied traditional Japanese Martial Arts, Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong. He holds a second degree Black belt and has taught Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong in several locations. In his clinical practice he brings this knowledge into his treatments and home care.

Service provided by Cameron:
Osteopathy 60/90/120min.

Cameron’s website:


Brand Manager

Linda Lova
Linda is a French woman with Moroccan heritage. She was far away from home, in search of a new paradise. LovaLinda wears multiple hats: globe-trotter, blogger, community manager, web-designer, consultant, cook and photographer. From 16 to 32, she was a TV host, an influencer, a journalist and much more.

Dedicated to fashion, food, traveling and photography, she created her own blog in August 2011 to share these passions. In December 2013, thanks to her 10 years of experience as a retail manager and her degrees from the Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, she started her own business as an Image Consultant. January 2015, she finally realized that she had enough of her luxury routine, so she quit her job to live her dream–travel the world by herself without itinerary, schedule or set duration. After fifteen months exploring Oceania, Asia and Hawaii and discovering many new cultures, in March 2016, she finally fell in love with Present Moment. Here, she decided to stay for a while… Maybe forever?! Since June 2016 she has been our Brand Manager and Communications Director.

LovaLinda enjoys going with the flow, to discover breathtaking landscapes, have adventures, drink lemon water, eat brownies and carrot cakes, be barefoot on the sand, share her “joie de vivre” and take pictures. She is constantly amazed and captivated by the beauty that exists on our planet.

LovaLinda’s website:


Executive Chef

Laura Castro
Born in Colombia, Laura graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts in 2004 (MN, USA). She has experience working as a restaurateur internationally: in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States of America. Her passions have allowed her to excel as a Pastry Chef, Executive Chef, Restaurant Consultant, Culinary Instructor, Food Stylist, and Restaurant Owner. She is a person dedicated to gastronomical growth through travel, cultural immersion, and continuing education. “Cooking is my way of giving back; learning different ways to transform food has giving me the chance to connect with the communities that I am part of. I cook with love, which transcends through my food, and nourishes all who receive it!




Karina and Gustavo Jasso

Present Moment was co-created through the vision of organic architects Karina and Gustavo Jasso, and built by local craftsman and skilled Mexican artisans. Careful attention has been given to every detail, based on ecological designs that rely on natural building materials — earth, wood, stone, and palm. Walls are finished by hand with “cop” — clay, sand, straw and water — if you look closely you can see the fingerprints of the craftsmen. The Jassos truly articulated the very essence of this project, bringing into reality this dream of a lifetime.