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‘Through your love for each other, through learning the art of making one person happy, you learn to express your love for the whole of humanity and all beings.
Please help us develop the curriculum for the institute for the happiness of one person.
Don’t wait until we open the school.
You can begin practicing right away.’
– Thich Nhat Hanh


Tom Morisette/Founder/Visionary

Tom’s inherent fascination and interconnectivity with nature, the arts, world culture and self-expression has led him on the path of bringing this passionate vision called Present Moment Retreat into the reality that many experience today. He is a Midwesterner, born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota, with a naturally curious and creative personality. As a result he has been involved in the field of fine arts, design and building since he can remember. While his background is in design, painting and music; somewhere along the way he needed to understand the world of business to stay afloat. He owned/managed several retail stores and a small wellness product company over the years; then one day awakened to the discovery that being in service to others in an altruistic manner was to be his focus…his purpose. Hence the seed was planted for co-creating Present Moment Retreat.
Digging in his heals, he relied upon his unstoppably passionate energy to conjure up the inner strength necessary to make this fantastic dream an actual wellness retreat center for all to enjoy and to celebrate life together. He found the location…the land…the partners and set forth with unbridled determination to sculpt a conscious living retreat that would move, touch and inspire all whom it attracted. It takes a village they say, and by the sheer magical grace of the Universe, our spiritually minded wellness team has been able to co-create literally hundreds of authentically transformational experiences. Thanks to our incredibly supportive and thoughtful clients we have been able to continue offering this powerfully positive work every day for the past 12 years…and hopefully for many more to come. Thanks to all whom have contributed so selflessly to our mission…to a dream come true…Namaste.

CJ Ananda Page/Co-founder

As one of the creators of Present Moment Retreat, CJ spent several years dreaming and journaling about creating a sacred space for healing and transformation. As this dream became a reality, she realized the power of creation and manifestation, and now uses these skills to dream her world into being with great gratitude every day. Prior to Present Moment, CJ had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented therapists and consultants in the industries of health, wellness, and beauty, through her global marketing position at the Aveda Corporation in Minneapolis. Currently, she manages Present Moment’s health and wellness division, and facilitates the Yoga Teacher Training Courses held at Present Moment. As a passionate instructor, you’ll find her teaching and coordinating a variety of yoga, meditation, and movement classes. She is also greatly skilled in the areas of Thai yoga massage, shamanic energy healing and spiritual counseling. CJ is a national champion gymnast and a skilled choreographer with Bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Science, Psychology and Dance from Gustavus Adolphus College.

Operational Leader

Taylor Morisette

Reservations & Retreat Specialist

Ryan Jannenga

Guest Services Manager

Nadia Garcia

Wellness Manager

Julia Louise Malcolmson

Wellness Team

Abigail Asante

Arakai Moon

Brianne McKenzie

Karen McMullen

Kat Van Rooyen

Michelle Helfner

Scott Ramsey

Photographer & Brand Manager


Linda is a French woman with Moroccan heritage. She was far away from home, in search of a new paradise. LovaLinda wears multiple hats: globe-trotter, blogger, community manager, web-designer, consultant, cook and photographer. From 16 to 32, she was a TV host, an influencer, a journalist and much more.
Dedicated to fashion, food, traveling and photography, she created her own blog in August 2011 to share these passions. In December 2013, thanks to her 10 years of experience as a retail manager and her degrees from the Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, she started her own business as an Image Consultant. December 2014, she finally realized that she had enough of her luxury routine, so she quit her job to live her dream – travel the world by herself without itinerary, schedule or set duration. After two years exploring on her own Oceania, Asia and Hawaii and discovering many new cultures, she finally fell in love with Present Moment. Here, she decided to stay for a while… Since June 2016 she has been our Photographer, Brand Manager and Communication Director.
LovaLinda enjoys going with the flow, to discover breathtaking landscapes, have adventures, drink lemon water, eat brownies and carrot cakes, be barefoot on the sand, share her “joie de vivre” and take pictures. She is constantly amazed and captivated by the beauty that exists on our planet.

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Karina and Gustavo Jasso

Present Moment was co-created through the vision of organic architects Karina and Gustavo Jasso, and built by local craftsman and skilled Mexican artisans. Careful attention has been given to every detail, based on ecological designs that rely on natural building materials — earth, wood, stone, and palm. Walls are finished by hand with “cop” — clay, sand, straw and water — if you look closely you can see the fingerprints of the craftsmen. The Jassos truly articulated the very essence of this project, bringing into reality this dream of a lifetime.

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