Our Property

Yoga Pavilion

Our open air yoga pavilion is at the heart of the retreat, gracefully suspended above the beach. With ample room for thirty practitioners, all yogis receive the space needed to comfortably practice a wide range of postures. As brown pelicans swoop and dive for their morning meal before your eyes and nature fills your senses, the Pacific Ocean provides a dramatic backdrop for a group class or private instruction. To screen out the sometimes-intense heat of our tropical setting, we have constructed a tremendous handwoven canopy for the protection of even the fairest complexions.

Boutique and Giftshop

We welcome you to enjoy our Present Moment Boutique, which features fine Antique Art and jewelry from around the world, as well as Indigenous Artisan Crafts and jewelry made in Mexico. Also in store is a tempting array of women’s and men’s yoga clothing and sportswear from Prana, Yoga Tribe & Culture, Be Present and many more well-respected brands. We proudly offer our very popular logo wear in a wide variety of fashion-forward styles. If you’ve forgotten personal essentials, there are lotions, potions and more to choose from. Open from 10am-6pm daily.

Meditation Gardens

Meditation is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the spirit, open the heart, relax into your vacation and simply let go. Our private and intimate meditation gardens put you in touch with the elements. We create a personal, spiritual sanctuary using the indigenous plants and stones of Mexico. These healing gardens inspire balance and a sense of peace as you explore your inner self.

The open-air Yoga Pavilion at the heart of this unique resort is gracefully suspended above the beach. The pavilion accommodates classes of up to thirty people, or you can choose a private session. In addition, we have constructed a handwoven canopy to protect everyone from the ever-present Mexican sun.

Gourmet Spa Cuisine

With the extensive coastline of the Mexican Riviera, hundreds of different types of fish and shellfish contribute to the ocean’s rich bounty. After the heavy rains of the summer and autumn seasons, local farmers harvest delicious crops of organic vegetables in a colorful array of tastes and textures. Combining only the freshest of Mother Nature’s natural ingredients, the chefs of Present Moment’s kitchen intertwine the heart and soul of Spa Cuisine to create dishes that linger both on the palate and on the mind. Imagine a forkful of robust Ensalada Bacalao; a vibrant plate of tangy Swordfish Escabeche with addictive crunchy tostones, the sumptuous flavor of plantain-crusted Mahimahi with a sweet and savory tropical salsa…. all cooked to order. By using an extraordinary combination of local ingredients, our creative curiosity results in bringing you some of the most complex, tantalizing and memorable cuisine on the coast. Your vacation to Present Moment will be a vacation for your palate as well!

Present Moment’s healthy cuisine is a delicious Intercontinental Fusion style featuring fresh-caught seafood, vegetarian specialties, regional Latin American dishes, Asian delicacies, and housemade Desserts. We also serve a wide variety of mouthwatering Smoothies and Elixirs, and will gladly create special meals for our guests who follow Detox Programs or special dietary menus. Our restaurant has two levels; one is directly on the sand, while the other cantilevers over the beach. Our bar boasts an International Wine List compiled from over 70 Vineyards, and our Tequila menu represents more than 50 of the top distilleries in Mexico. Bon apetit!

Our Restaurant Menus

Discover our current menus here.


“My week of vacation at Present Moment was magical! The food divine! The service – always with a smile radiating from the heart. I could taste in every bite the joy, love and harmony that went into preparing each dish. Presentation of the meals; innovation and beauty itself. I came here to be nurtured and taken care of and I felt the Universe conspiring with me in a big way to give just that at Present Moment. Every preference of mine has been met, and the loving attention bestowed upon me from each precious light has left me most grateful. I’ll close with both belly and heart filled with love.”

~ Jacquie Fox

“Excellent and imaginative food made with love. All meals were delightful–loved the salads, juices…..and fell in love with the avocado soup! Keep it up!”

~ Jim

“Thank you for your amazing culinary skills and for sharing your passion for food and its beautiful preparation. Every meal was created with love and a delightful combination of flavors. I appreciated your attention to detail and the personal touch you lent to the dining experience at Present Moment.”

~ Deb

Your meal might be…

First Course: Cracker Crusted Dorado Cake with wild sprouts and chile aioli.

Main Course: Sauteed Basil Prawn: White wine cream, roasted tomato, garlic, tempura leeks and saffron potato croquets.

Dessert: Petit Apple Crisp – goat’s milk caramel, scratch granola and nutmeg whipped cream.