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"Be Light" - An Herbal Cleansing Package

Below we have detailed our "Be Light" Cleansing Package which is tailorable to suit those with limited or extensive cleansing experience. In addition we offer a wide variety of other cleanses and can support you in your own if you choose.  For general information on cleansing, including alternative cleansing options, please visit our Cleansing Page. Also, please read our Home Cleansing page which has lots of information about cleansing as a lifestyle, cleansing the home, the "Be Light" herbs, and more.

Duration: 7-28 days

Details: Our signature cleanse, "Be Light" is an all-inclusive package which includes two yoga clasees each day, wellness counseling, meals, healing shakes and an extensive array of detoxifying herbs and a shamanic herbal bath.  Each day you will enjoy three raw/vegan meals from our gourmet kitchen.  Between meals you will have a shake made of psyllium husks and bentonite clay along with our proprietary blend of herbs and herbal teas. (Read about the detoxifying benefits of Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husks).

If you would like to begin your cleanse at Present Moment and then continue at home, we will give you everything you need to take your cleanse home with you. If you are interested in joining us for a "Be Light" Cleanse, or have any questions, please contact Tom Morisette (

Sample Schedule

7:30  -  Shake*
 8-9   -  Meditation
  9     -  Smoothie
9-11  -  Vinyasa Yoga
 11    -  Breakfast
 12    -  Herbs
1:30  -  Lunch
  3     -  Herbs
4-6   -  Gentle Yoga
  6    -  Shake*
6-7   -  Qigong or
           Sunset Walk
7:30  -  Dinner
  9     -  Herbs

*Shakes are a mix of Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husks

The "Be Light" Package includes


Single  Occupancy Price: $2,295
Double Occupancy Price: $1,625 per person
Triple+ Occupancy Price: $1,525 per person

* We will do our best to accomodate your Room request. However, due to Logistics, We cannot guaranteed the Bungalow that you originally booked (Except for "Joy"). We appreciate your flexibility, Thank you for Understanding.


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From Tara, a guest that spent 45 days cleansing with us:

I have returned to Guanajuato, back from my very pleasant and incredibly supportive beach retreat on the Mexican coast (Present Moment Retreat) …and I am constantly having to remind myself (now back in the ‘real world’) that my healing process is still in full swing, and that my program continues. The wellness staff (and all of the staff!) at Present Moment was so wonderful and talented, and through them I have learned and been re-inspired towards many healing modalities. So these days I am resting, eating well, and still drinking lots of juice, but also doing Healing Qigung, Yoga Nidras, Yoga movement, and a meditation practice everyday….working from the inside out.

See the full post at Tara's Blog.

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Consult your doctor before cleansing or fasting if you are... Underweight, Pregnant, Fatigued, Nursing, Pre and Post surgery, Low immunity, Mental illness, Weak heart, Cancer, Low blood pressure, Peptic Ulcers, Cardiac arrhythmia's, Nutritional deficiencies.

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