Present Moment Retreat Mexico Yoga Retreat & Hotel Spa - Troncones, Guerrero, 40880, Mexico
  • masage

Present Moment Yoga retreat offers a variety of massage spa treatments. Our massage rooms are located right on the beach for a full sensory experience. Feel the ocean breeze, listen to the rhythmic sound of the ocean and enjoy a variety of different massage modalities from our professional therapists. 
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  • energy

Energy Work
Western society is slowly beginning to accept a concept that the East has embraced for thousands of years... our bodies are made of energy that can be transformed, harmonized, and healed through various therapeutic methods.
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Spa Treatments
Why not pamper yourself on your next vacation? We have a wide array of services and all of our products are home made with ingredients fresh from the local market.
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  • juices

We have a holistic cleansing program to match your Body, Mind, and Spirit's needs.  If you are interested in cleansing while visiting us please see this for More Information

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Wellness Counseling
Before your retreat gets going, it's nice to set an intention. Sit down with one of our wellness counselors to evaluate where you are in your life and to make the most of your time while at Present Moment.
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Troncones Beach, one of the last sacred and authentic destinations in Mexico, is an undeveloped paradise situated in the Mexican Riviera.