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Drumming and Dance at Present Moment Retreat

Present Moment Retreat features drumming as a tool for community building, cultural awareness and personal growth. Join us, and let the natural rhythm of your spirit flow in the celebration of the here and now.

Intercultural Drumming

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Our aim is to further the use of rhythm, dance, music, percussion and related arts as healing tools.

Present Moment focuses on drumming as a tool for community building, cultural awareness and personal growth. Drumming and dance have played similar roles in cultures all over the world: celebration, communication, marking rites of passion, invoking spiritual ecstasy and promoting healing. We strive to create a space where many different drumming and dance traditions can be experienced, respecting the integrity of each culture while acknowledging that we all are related by the human heartbeat. In that acknowledgment is the seed of a new culture, one that honors all, regardless of race or gender, integrating mind, body, heart and spirit.

Drum Circles

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A drum circle, or rhythm circle, is at its heart a group of people gathered together into a circle for the purpose of making music with percussion instruments. It can be as simple as three friends in a living room, or as involved as a thousand musicians jamming in a public setting. The makeup of this group, along with the instrumentation and the skill of the facilitator, determines the direction that the circle will take. Often people will choose to dance in the middle of the circle. Drum circles take many forms; the level of expertise and leadership tends to vary widely from group to group, often creating spellbinding sounds, textures, and spiritual energy.

Present Moment Dance

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Present Moment promotes creative movement as a means for social change and enlightenment.

CJ Ananda's various classes are influenced by a wide range of dance and movement traditions including African, Brazilian, Latin, Social Dance and Yoga. The classes are rhythmic based, emphasizing body awareness, physical endurance, spatial connection, choreography techniques and creative exploration. CJ's energy and enthusiasm are guaranteed to accelerate your heartbeat and set your spirit free!

Ethnic music and dance are true affirmations of human artistic expression. Through our classes offered at Present Moment, we acknowledge the inherent beauty and dignity of all people.


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