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Mountain Yoga & Meditation Center in Zirahuen

Present Moment proudly announces the Grand Opening of our Lake Zirahuen Mountain Retreat Center...View Slideshow Now!

Majestically poised 7000 feet high in the Sierra Madre Mountains, nestled amongst mature oaks and mighty pines, our new Yoga and Wellness Resort boasts breathtaking views of famous Lake Zirahuen and its surrounding community in the colonial Mexican state of Michoacan.

This Mexico mountain retreat center offers yoga classes and group retreats, silent and guided meditation, qigong and tai chi, dance and movement therapy, 200 hr. RYT Teacher Training Certification, wellness counselling and life coaching, healthy spa cuisine, massage and body work therapies, professionally guided adventure tours, corporate retreats, an international boutique and more.

Please contact us now for the opportunity to reserve one of the 3 luxury suites in the Grand Hacienda. Thank you for helping us to grow, expand, and to touch the lives of all who wish to embrace what is possible in this amazing Present Moment. Enjoy this day, as there will never be another one like it!

Our New Yoga Retreat Center in Zirahuen, Michoacan

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Lake Zirahuen is located near Patzcuaro, just off the Patzcuaro/Uruapan highway in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Michoacan, 68 kilometers south from the colonial city of Morelia, the state's capital. The breathtaking setting of Lake Zirahuen is unforgettable, showcasing its crystalline water colors which range from a deep blue to a jade green; reflecting the surrounding ancient forests of pine, oak, cedar and fruit trees. The lake received its name from the indigenous pre-Hispanic Purepecha language, where Zirahuen translates as "Mirror of the Gods."

Lake Zirahuen is a peaceful fishing lake bordered by corn and avocado fields, horse ranches, and authentic Mexican pueblos. Wild thistle grows alongside the road and luscious blackberries are cultivated in the region. On the shore lies the village of Zirahuen, known for its rustic wooden casitas called 'trojes', traditional structures which for centuries have been used for casitas, grain storage and small businesses. Being at an altitude of 7000 feet with a moderately cool climate, Zirahuen is ablaze with colorful flowers most of the year including pink and red geraniums, explosive bougainvilleas, white calla lilies, delicate begonias, a variety of roses, wildflowers and petunias that all thrive in this climate.

The shoreline is dotted with simple docks for fishing boats, mom and pop restaurants, rustic cabins for rent, and small shops selling assorted miscellaneous items. One of the most memorable visuals is a long wooden pier that stretches out into the lake waters. The pier is covered, and the geometric pattern of the wooden posts and railings artistically highlight the sunlight shimmering on this pure body of water. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on Lake Zirahuen, with the exception of two or three tour boats which operate on the weekends only.

Along the pier lies a series of small shops and cafes, surrounded by a profusion of blossoms, offering such authentic fare as charales (tiny, whole, crisp-fried white fish) fresh caught lake trout, sopes (hand-made tortillas stacked with fillings such as black beans, locally made cheeses, chorizo and chicken) and sopa de hongos (mushroom soup.) Crafts of the area include hand carved wooden trays, spoons and toys, as well as colorful hand woven tablecloths and a variety of textiles.

Zirahuen's historical adobe brick town church is centrally located, and is dedicated to El Señor del Perdón (The Merciful Lord.) This beautiful, indigenous building represents the architecture which prevailed throughout the region since the 16th century. Its vaulted ceiling is made completely of hardwoods from the mountain's forest, and the small, angelic choir can be reached by climbing a classical spiral staircase. The gable roof is made of ancient terra cotta tiles, and to the right side of this romantic house of worship lays a 16th century bell tower, entirely made of stone.

This village of fishermen and farmers has a fierce passion for music. The musical bands of Zirahuen are famous throughout the country. Also famous are the women's choir and their festive dance groups.

Lake Zirahuen in Legend

According to historian Eduardo Ruiz, Purepecha Emperor Siguangua ordered a rest house to be built near the lake, where according to legend, the Princess of Zirahuen was transformed into moonlight by the sacred hummingbird who stole her soul. Her beloved, Cuitzeman, searched for her endlessly at night until the mother goddess Cuerauperi led him to the lake, where the Princess rose from the water, dragging him down with her to rest forevermore in the lake's dark depths. Yet another version of the legend has it that no woman has ever drowned in this lake, but the Princess continues to pull men down into its reaches. The lake's contrasts, from deep blue to jade, hint at another yet-to-be-debunked fantasy: that the lake's deep inlets lead to the Pacific Ocean.

No one has proved that they don't.


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