Present Moment Retreat Mexico Yoga Retreat & Hotel Spa - Troncones, Guerrero, 40880, Mexico
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Our Mission
On this page you will find information about what Present Moment Retreat is and what we believe. Simply put, we are a Boutique Hotel and Retreat Center on the beach in Mexico... but it goes far beyond that. Here you will find a list of guiding principles and beliefs that help shape our decisions and growth including our mission, philosophies, and environmental practices.

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Our Property
Many wonderful activities await you at Present Moment Retreat. We have a gourmet restaurant, a boutique with an amazing collection of jewlery from around the world, and a breathtaking yoga pavillion, all of which are centered around an amazing pool on the ocean. There are yoga classes, dance and meditation classes and live music on certain nights.

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Our Staff
The secret of Present Moment's success is not a secret! All the credit is due to our amazing staff. They come from all over planet and they truly care about making Present Moment the best it can be. In fact, even calling them our staff doesn't feel right. They are more than that, they're our heartbeat, our rhythm, our family.

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About Troncones
At the heart of charming Troncones Beach, nestled between the lush mountains of the Sierra Madre and the sparkling Mexican Riviera, Present Moment Retreat combines the ambience of nature's grandeur with personally challenging mind-body work, set in harmony on beautifully landscaped tropical grounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We do our best to put as much information about our Retreat Center online as possible.  If you're still looking for those unshakable unanswered questions, look here. (If you can't find it there & still have lingering questions, please call or email us and we'll find an answer!)

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Contact Us
If you have any questions, concerns, doubts, desires, or if you just want to chat, we would love to hear from you.  Talk to you soon!

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Directory of Friends
We strive to be a hub for the concious living community worldwide and our Directory of Friends is part of that effort. If you have visited Present Moment and would like to take part in our directory, please fill out the Directory Form.

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We wish to thank our wonderful clients for their continued support over the years. Your amazing, uplifted and positive energy has been such a blessing on so many levels... we are eternally grateful... Namaste. The feedback that we have received warms our hearts every time that we read it... you're the best!


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Troncones Beach, one of the last sacred and authentic destinations in Mexico, is an undeveloped paradise situated in the Mexican Riviera.