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Friends of Present Moment Directory

Present Moment is a place where people gather and exchange ideas and philosophies. We are all on the same journey, whether we know it or not, and by sharing love and light with one another we are helping each other in our epic adventure of life. We've created this directory as a small token of our appreciation to our guests for the light and love that they've shared with us. Below is a list of websites that belong to people who arrived at Present Moment as guests and left as friends.

If you have stayed with us and have a website that you would like to add to our directory, please fill out our Directory Form. Thank you.

Friend's Websites

  • SuryaFlow: The Art of Sacred Movement - Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage Therapist and Healer - "Traveling the world, allowing my light to shine, giving other people permission to do the same. A philosophy that unites movement through breath awareness."


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Troncones Beach, one of the last sacred and authentic destinations in Mexico, is an undeveloped paradise situated in the Mexican Riviera.